cleanliness is next to Godliness

These kids are so inspiring! When I have my own school one day, I will implement this. Why not? We should all clean up after ourselves and best to start from early.


Live your best life!

Starting 2016, once a week I’m going to post my own tips and sharing on how to live your best life. 

The way you speak says a lot about you.

I always laugh when I hear how my little Aisyah converse with her friends, even her dolls. She channels me and the things I would speak to her of… like how I micro manage her here and there and it’s incredible to hear how big words can come from such a cute mouth! So its critical for me to watch what I say, or watch how others influence her speech. This observation also helps me control my temper and the vocabulary I use. It also alerts me of her surrounding. I’m not going to be a watchdog of some sort but if I could help it, will try to enable her to grow in a positive environment.Well, practice makes perfect!



Smart choices for 2016

When it comes to making choices, nothing good ever comes from a place of fear. There’s so much holding us back in 2015 that’s gone too crazy to even dwell in- the politics, crime rates, bad economy, war-waging terrorists, etc.. As a Malaysian I’m beyond disappointment at what’s current. However the most important thing is moving on for the sake of our children. For those who are not obliged, just the state of moving on to a better state of mind is sufficient enough.

I believe our brain works in two direction – one that prompts us to do what feels great RIGHT NOW and the other,  deliberates and nag into every impulse (hello, retail therapy and vacations!!) and HOLD back for second opinion. Maybe third. Personal finances is definitely not a comfortable topic to preach as we tie so much emotion to rewarding ourselves. But like Suzie Orman said, every choice in every day that helps me achieve $$$ is a choice to be kind and generous to myself.

So I agree with the above completely. It is that time of the year where making smart choices in 2016 is not about being fit for fashion or looking more successful than others. Its about savings accomplishments. And I wish I could be more honest in sharing my goals, challenges and having another person to check on me periodically without judging. And I would do the same too based on mutual concerns, without judging. Because we get all superficial when it comes to money, and we are not too kind sometimes. 🙂

I would now make a list of savings goals, set a commitment contract with myself… and search for a savings cheerleader. It would be really awesome to really set aside 10-30% a month from my paycheck. Well, yeah..

2016! Here we go!

How much has 2 years gone by? Let me count the ways…

First, I have evolved tremendously as a Mom; never thought I would cut out as those super mamas out there but day by day, little Aisyah is my great character coach, always. So am I super? No, I think the word super is deserving of those Maal Hijrah and Nobel Prize winners, so till then I’m happy to be “Mom, you’re my favourite family member” hashtag!

Second, my FB and Insta earned top priority  social media spot because I got infected by the “lazy-to-write disease”. I figured nobody blogs as much now but when somebody recently commented what happened to Qahina, tonight (out of all nights) I paid a visit to my old wordpress site and voila… they didnt shut it down??!!?? WordPress u rawkkk…

Third, Im still thrilled by beauty and fashion, hence I am now your favourite image coach (really? like since when, right?) I got certified as an image consultant, been training on etiquette and grooming, and if you look hard enough at Popular and MPH bookstores you can find me modeling in Sheila Wong’s 21 Days of Etiquette (yupp that tudung lady thats me). My siblings used to ask when are you going to be in print and I said .. there..

Fourth, Im still the same, I guess. The process of growing up isnt actually easy but Im glad the conscious heart is still beating alive for more life experiences! I just turned 38 2 days ago, not so young, but not too old for incredible possibilities! Maybe 2016 will be a new era of world domination for Qahina, who knows, but as long as I rule in my girl’s and husband’s heart, I think I’ll survive.

So here is to a good beginning, a better diet, and constant motivation to benefit others in whatever way I could. Lets always make an option to be happy, and to be stylish, wherever you go!