Ash …shoes!! Bless me. :)

Wedge sneakers have literally littered the fashion scene since last year with Isabel Marant being the pioneer designer. I did not come into grasp that I need anything sneaker-ish until my toddler starts running around like crazy all over public places and Im chasing her in sky high heels! It’s not practical at all to be dolled up when you have your little one with you – unless you have an entourage of nannies ala celebrity to mind your child. So all that hot mommy stuff doesn’t apply to real life (well, at least not mine) unless probably, you sport these shoes:
ashshoesMiranda Kerr just look super in them – but Miranda Kerr looks super awesome in just about anything with that long legs! hahha
Lucy Liu also looked snugly in these:
lucyliuThese are not exactly sexy but it looks comfy. I want a pair so I ordered for my own fab ASH wedge sneakers
I chosed black because its unassuming and it even if it goes out of fashion it’s not too noticeable – plus I could wear it with just about anything. Well of course, I wont be wearing these shoes for a real run! I still have my trusty Nike to do that job.
You can check them out at PopUp showroom page. I got it at quite a bargain.


gorgeous hijab style from Indonesia

Love this video on the many ways how to wear hijab (shawls for Muslim women) from Indonesia. There seems to be variations on how each Muslim women from different countries wear hijab – of course the basic rules of covering the aurat (aurat means covering the neck, chest and whole body except for hands and face) is observed, however women from different countries styled it differently. I will be featuring hijab styling videos which I find interesting and fashionable from time to time. Enjoy this one yeah.

my fab fashion haul – zig zag long cardigan

I wanted to share with you something that striked me today. Saw this great knee length cardigan at PopUp Showroom, my favourite boutique for lux items at very affordable price. They operate from home in Bangsar so it’s not known to many. The owner is a former model and she’s super sweet and knowledgeable about the latest high fashion stuff. I have gotten some really gorgeous MARNI and 3.1 Phillip Lims tops and pants from PopUp Showroom – so I checkout their facebook page from time to time. This one is pre-ordered and is almost mine!
This is very Misonni-inspired! I love the zig zag design, a refreshing addition to my wardrobe apart from the now common stripes and polka dots print. Usually I’m a solid-colour garment type however of late I’m beginning to add prints into my collection.I saw something like this at Jaspal last December but couldnโ€™t stomach the too bright orange fusion. This one looks very earthy, comfy and easy to pair with anything. Saw something similar on Rachel Zoe and I know very well I could rock it while playing with my own toddler! Cheh…
Once I get my hands on it will post you some updates yeah! Cheers!

my best-dressed pick from the 2012 Oscars

One of the red carpet shows I look forward to observe is the Academy Awards, partly because I wish to know which nominated movie or actor would bagged the Oscars and partly, who wears the best couture for 2012. I haven’t watched many of the nominated movies, maybe because they weren’t of the mainstream variety as compared to last year’s but I guess now that The Artist won I will check it out plus some other ones nominated this weekend. For now, let’s feast your eyes on some of the gowns which blew my mind. ๐Ÿ™‚
My first pick would be Jennifer Lopez’s – this Zuhair Murad’s dress complimented all her curves to the hilt. I would say when it comes to body – nobody sizzles with class and style like JLo.

img taken from

It was too sheer though for my liking but I like the drape and stripey look all over. Gorgeous!
Next, I was so thrilled to see the pretty gowns I saw on Ellie Saab’s 2012 couture collection made it to the Oscars! Was inspired by the look that I even ask my tailor to make a similar dress (with adjustments to hijab-wearing requirement). Love the shimmering pastels. It wasn’t too great on Berenice Bejo, a little frumpy maybe it’s really meant for very slim lanky ladies but Milla looked stunning in the white Ellie Saab, together with her red hot lips.

img taken from

img taken from

This year, white and nudes seems to reign on the red carpet. I see a lot of flowing chiffon, silk and crepes but most look very wedding-ish and prom-ish to me but when Gwyneth Paltrow and Shailene Woodley turned up with these it was simply refreshing.

img taken from

img taken from

I’m head over heels with this gown by Valentino – it looks great with hijab! Now you can almost *smell* how my future dress going to look like… hehhe
Finally, the most breathtaking dress (in my eyes) goes to:

img taken from

Fiery gorgeous isn’t it? I can imagine the hours of beadwork but this screams DIVA!

Till then, have a merry delicious dreams of couture gowns and I will keep you posted with my review of Oscar movies soon.

Friday fabulous: my DIY manicure

I love to treat myself to a professional manicure but I find it terribly expensive to maintain (especially when your nails grow so fast!), plus I cook and wash dishes on daily basis so it’s not a pretty sight to have your manicured nails chipped and stained with turmeric and chilli powder isn’t it? Well, let’s leave the salon-perfect manicures to the Tai Tais and those who doesn’t spend much time in the kitchen! LOL Anyhow, I found a great solution to salon-quality manicures by doing it myself. Saves the agony of having to make appointments etc whenever I have an event coming along. By the way, I’m now “cruising on the crimson tide” so it’s perfect to indulge and leave a nail colour on for a week! *wink
My pick of the month is Sally Hansen’s Insta-Dri nail colour in Espresso. I love its pretty mauve shade which clicks well with most outfits and doesn’t grab too much attention.

image taken from

Last year I bought a set of professional DIY manicure which costs me RM100++ but it was worth it coz I can have my own manicure at any time I choose.

cuticle fixers, emery board, buffing creams and gadgets.. you name it I got it! hehhe

Once in a while I’ll indulge in a professional pedicure because I can’t seem to bend 180 degrees and scrap on the calluses on my foot! Yeah I’ll leave it to the masters. Anyway, there’s plenty of DIY manicures and pedicures video online for you to choose but this is my pick.

This is my own results! Check it out. ๐Ÿ™‚

after clean and trim and before nail colour

my nails in Espresso! ๐Ÿ™‚

It’s quite a challenge to colour the other hand to perfection when you do it yourself but practice makes perfect right? ๐Ÿ™‚ Have a good weekend folks!

my favourite dress in the Oscars 2011

You know that I’m a fan of star style on award shows so this year’s Oscar got my heartbeat racing for a follow up post. I find it pure fantasy watching what the stars are wearing and finding what works for me in the future if I ever managed to be a friggin’ billionaire! ha ha
Well, let’s just pray for that wish to come true for me, ok folks?
*5 mins silent for prayer*
Anyhooo… my own award for this year’s Oscar best-dressed goes to:

image taken from

Mila Kunis looks gorgeous in her lavender chiffon Elie Saab Haute Couture gown with draping layers intertwined with delicate lace. You need to have a great sihouette to wear that dress and she rocked it in style. She’s definitely someone to watch for – probably a new Angelina Jolie in the making. Her pretty smokey eye and pink lips make up is simple and fresh, and totally complimented the dress. It’s sexy pretty, definitely not slutty or trying too much.
This time around, unlike during the Grammys’ where everyone was bathed in gold and silver in pursuit of hot-ness, class and style prevails in the Academy Awards. There’s lots of nude pastels, lace and chiffon, feathers (which seems to be the rage now) and elegant necklines. You can view most of them here. (Click link)
By the way, what I’ve predicted in previous post has came out true! When I saw that ‘The King’s Speech’ won best film, Colin Firth won best actor and Natalie Portman as best actress I almost flip! he he
Now I can already start a career as Paul the Octopus Fortune Teller!

image taken from luxurylaunches

Alright, if anyone has queries on their future, you’ll know who to look for! ha ha
That’s the end of awards seasons. They can roll up the red carpet now and let us common folks move on. Adios!