About Qahina

Now that you’ve clicked here, you’ll be wondering what’s In Qahina’s Words.. all about? This blog is my own personal short-stories… a continuation of my love and dream to write. Basically it’s where I rant about what I like or dislike. Those include fashion, make up, shoes, books, food and travelling and the traffic it costs me to get all the above. I know I don’t accomplish anything from my so-called “reports”, nor do I owe it to anyone for a write up (hint: there’s no Nuffnang on my site yeah*) but I would actually gloat after I have completed a post. And if you’re a frequent blogger, you know it’s the toughest thing to do! So thank you for your time and do share what you like or dislike too. Together, we can show our husbands/boyfriends/the world how similar we are!*wink


6 thoughts on “About Qahina

  1. stop being laaaaaaazy sing! 🙂
    hey, I have that syndrome too sometimes so yeah, I’m happy you managed to get that time out of your system to check my blog! Thanks.. and whatever you’re doing in life right now, I wish you great luck. Cheers!

  2. hey hey…..
    love that photo of your standing by the window. so serene and in that secretive thought of yours.

    and i notice you have coachnmore on your blog roll. lol. bought anything from them?

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