never too late

I’ve always wanted to play the piano as far as I could remember, however, I didn’t have that luxury when I was a kid because my dad was in the army and we moved every year or so. Well of course all sorts of excuse followed suit then.. until my husband gave me a piano as a gift for giving him a baby. Well, I hinted to him all throughout maternity that it was a dream to play the piano for our baby so when I got my gift a few months after lil’ Aisyah was born I was over the moon happy! It was an emotional gift, because it reminds me that it’s never too late to realize any dream, even as silly as learning how to play the piano after you’re 30. 🙂
Finding a tutor and accommodating my time for lessons in between my full time job as wife mom and career woman is excruciating! I managed to slot in a session every Wednesday then I skipped it too many times due to meetings and workload it was pointless to pay for my absence. Hence I quit for a while and the grand upright remained like a white elephant in our living room.
However, one day, as I was stuck in a traffic jam, I saw a small signboard advertising a piano tutor’s number by the roadside. I called for appointment and that was the beginning of an almost 2 year relationship with my tutor Alicia. I am a very slow learner. I could not memorize notes to save my life, but Alicia was patient and we work through songs that I like so it keeps me motivated. The time during lessons was quite painful, because I’ve never felt as dumb as I feel when I’m learning piano, but when Alicia left after class, I would carress the ivory keys and remind myself, I must be able to play so I can show my child what determination means. Sometimes my lil’ one will play with me too, we will compose silly songs together, or she would accompany me and drum along with the tunes I play.
My wish is one day, both of us can play good enough so we can play side by side, like the ivory and ebony keys on our piano. 🙂


Any comment on this?

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