Ash …shoes!! Bless me. :)

Wedge sneakers have literally littered the fashion scene since last year with Isabel Marant being the pioneer designer. I did not come into grasp that I need anything sneaker-ish until my toddler starts running around like crazy all over public places and Im chasing her in sky high heels! It’s not practical at all to be dolled up when you have your little one with you – unless you have an entourage of nannies ala celebrity to mind your child. So all that hot mommy stuff doesn’t apply to real life (well, at least not mine) unless probably, you sport these shoes:
ashshoesMiranda Kerr just look super in them – but Miranda Kerr looks super awesome in just about anything with that long legs! hahha
Lucy Liu also looked snugly in these:
lucyliuThese are not exactly sexy but it looks comfy. I want a pair so I ordered for my own fab ASH wedge sneakers
I chosed black because its unassuming and it even if it goes out of fashion it’s not too noticeable – plus I could wear it with just about anything. Well of course, I wont be wearing these shoes for a real run! I still have my trusty Nike to do that job.
You can check them out at PopUp showroom page. I got it at quite a bargain.


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