a trip to Malaysian National Zoo

I took my little one to the National Zoo today. We didnt plan it – just thought it’ll be nice to bring lil’ Aisyah somewhere other than the mall. The last we took her there was last year – so a trip to the Zoo is pretty much our annual affair!
It was pretty quiet when we got there. Most KL-lites took off to their relatives and of course the non-ending sales at the malls for Chap Goh Meh (Chinese New Year’s end festival) . Other than that, the zoo has been receiving a lot of flak for unkempt condition recently, hence less visitors! However, it still offers the rare and very much needed natural respite for urbanites like us. I wont mind going to the zoo again because each time I went there’s always something different to look at. πŸ™‚
Entrance fee is RM30 each (3 adults and a toddler). And I paid parking RM6.50 for four hours. Snacks and ice cream about RM50 for four. All in all I spent RM150 for the whole experience. Beats shopping!
I had on my running shoes because I know it will be a walkathon all over! The zoo is huge.. one of the oldest in Southeast Asia and they keep expanding!

some hippos

some hippos



It was a very hot day so we got dehydrated real fast. By 1pm lil Aisyah got cranky and restless so we decided to go home. Didnt managed to cover a lot of animals because we stopped at each post quite long – my girl gets pretty chatty with each one! It was funny watching her talking away like Dr Doolittle.
It was a fun and fulfilling trip for Aisyah – she slept like a log on the way home. πŸ™‚


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