a gold chain for my baby

I’ve been holding my wish to buy my 4 year old toddler a small gold chain, due to the rising price of gold (it’s RM187 per gram to date). It’s better to just save the money in her saving accounts instead! However, it’s very customary for Asian moms to give gold to their daughters, and by coincidence today, a friend brought some jewellery from Kelantan for view. Of course, the ladies began ooh..ing and aahh.. ing at every item! I wasn’t interested at first, but the chance to purchase some Kelantanese gold is too good to pass up. Kelantan is a state in east coast Malaysia and the goldsmith’s craftsmanship is very much admired because it still keeps to traditional Malay designs, plus the price is relatively cheaper albeit its superior quality! I saw the prettiest chain for my girl – well made, durable and in my choice of gold (22K) and length. The heart-shaped charms are just too sweet to resist!
When I put it on my daughter’s neck just now, my heart leaps with pride. I cant afford to buy her gold every time, but when I do, it’s like passing a secret treasure for her to cherish when she grows old. 🙂


Any comment on this?

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