womengirlsI was asked by my sister to write a 50-word ‘story’ about any women issues. She’s managing a portfolio called WOMEN:girls, a project launched in conjunction with International Women’s Day 2013. Some Malaysian female directors and writers have teamed up to direct a compilation of short films called Ikal Mayang and the theme is #tellingwomenstories. There will be a screening event and my story may be featured! 🙂 So watch this space for news on that.

Considering I am no writer,a 50-word essay is actually, the toughest thing anyone can do!
This is my story:

They say a woman’s hair is her crowning glory. However, a girl who dons the hijab covers her crown – then where would her glory be? I have no hair now, so to speak, but my view of beauty is beyond hair colour. Hindsight, glory then should not have been crowned on the head.

I dont think it’s great, but better try than never huh? *wink
BTW, you can also submit your entries at the facebook link WOMEN:girls. Come let’s join effort in celebrating this special day for women.


Any comment on this?

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