a new day in 2013

One thing I never thought I’d be doing after I’ve completed my degree was having my own business. I was very comfortable with the idea of teaching for the rest of my life. Sales, finance and marketing was never my forte, instead I get cozy with books, art and literature. I married a man with finance background and left him to handle all our accounts while happy enough to shop for him, with him, or for me! I was spoilt nonetheless. My salary was completely mine to spend while he minds all the housekeeping. He is after all, my Mr BIG. It was not until he was out of job two years back that pushed the brakes on spendings. The thought of earning more income creeps into my head. Our predicament gave birth to my sense of entrepreneurship however, I was not sure of what I wanted to make money from, apart from my day job as a teacher.

For two years I searched high and low for my niche. I’ve always loved make up, fashion and styling and decided to take courses on that. I don’t have any beauty or fashion background, but somehow, I have the flair of putting things together and making people look good. During the day, I teach, and at night after I’ve tucked my baby into bed, I will scour countless Youtube videos on makeovers and styling. My weekends spent on workshops and courses on image and professional etiquette. It’s the closest to my teacher’s heart – I get to teach others about the subject I love most! At first, no one seems to get the changes I’m going through; how does a school teacher gets transformed into a businesswoman – in image line some more, right? I’m blessed to have a supportive mate that allows me to be as how I wish, and listens to all my dreams. “I can’t make all your dreams come true, but we’ll walk it through together”, he said. His trust in what I’m doing fired me further. By the end of 2012, I managed to get all legalities and certification in order and I am now a certified professional image consultant. My company is called Mpower, which speaks for what I want to achieve; to empower people with their best self.

Hence my absence from here, way since. Now that I’ve got a lot of things sorted out, I do owe you an update on Qahina right? Thanks for coming back here to read this. Looking back, it’s crazy to think my new business venture could be a career change in the next few years! I don’t know – funny enough, they both blend well in my eyes – teaching and training. I don’t want to stretch anything too far yet – just living the moments. Wish me luck!


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