Dealing with a two-year-old tantrums

When lil’ Aisyah turned two last October, I’ve read some articles on “the terrible-twos” phase of toddler years and was quite on the lookout of whether my own girl would have similar misdemeanors per indicated. Initially, she has a mild temper and was easy to instruct but her nanny did mention that she would protest against meal time or bedtime. It takes hours to feed her, which I honestly would leave the chore to her nanny because I lose my patience after an hour. Of late, she’s into biting if she doesn’t get my attention. She would also roll on the floor and throw a fit if she doesn’t get what she wants. It’s not often but when she does that it gets on my nerves. I’ve seen people literally use the rod to discipline their children but I don’t want to start. Lil’ Aisyah has been the light of my life and many times when she’s asleep I would take the opportunity to breathe deep into her hair and cry in silence because I’m so lucky she’s mine. I’m also very fortunate to have someone assists me in looking after Aisyah at many times when I have something to attend to – work, guests, errands, etc, but the bulk of childcare is still mine. My mommy-friends and The Internet has been helpful with tips on how to handle kids, especially as a new parent. Being a parent is super challenging no doubt, but if you’re armed with the right info you can tackle many issues and raise your child into a healthy person.
What I got here is from the show The Drs On ASTRO Life Inspired (LI) – it’s been a Sunday fix of mine at 8 am to watch 6 doctors from different fields shares their expertise on how to solve medical and lifestyle issues.

Dr Sears the paeditrician on the show explained further on dealing with the tantrums with this article. Read more…

I must say it’s time for me to identify whether the tantrums are manipulative or due to frustrations before I quickly jump to conclusion she’s being impossible. Another thing I found great is the choice of words used to approach her tantrums. I need to be creative in turning her survival instinct to refuse my control over her. It’s a lot of strategy and mind games but I think it does make sense. You can’t have mature conversation with a toddler so you need to find ways to cajole her into obeying her scheduled meals and naps. Having said that, I came across one article recently on Pamela Druckerman, author of “Bringing up Bebe”, a new parenting book on how the French did it. It’s not in Malaysian bookstores yet but I look forward to read it. Last year, I was so inspired by Amy Chua’s “Battle Hymn of Tiger Mother” and wish to execute some tips but I welcome as many approach to parenting as possible because there’s no one right solution to raising a wholesome adult.

So there, to all mommies of 2 year olds out there – good luck!


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