fabulous Friday: my favourite Malay movie

It’s been a while since I watched a Malay movie because I got bored with the horror genre that’s been occupying most of them, so when a friend recommended “Ombak Rindu” I was quite sceptical but to my surprise, it turned out really sweet and I like it. Mr Husband and I watched it twice even! We love the beautiful Langkawi island setting and of course, the gorgeous Maya Karin and Lisa Surihani. As an upcoming actress, Lisa Surihani caught my eye as smart and talented and I was amused by her acting in Ombak Rindu. I hope she’ll continue to evolve.

img taken from kisah69.blogspot

By the way, Lisa Surihani got married to Yusry KRU today (hence the post on her!) and it’s been hailed Wedding of the Year (well, I dont really know what that means but it sure sounds expensive! Vera Wang and Jimmy Choo sponsored last year’s Wedding of the year between Norman and Meymey Suhaiza’s) so I bet this time around a bunch of designers would come to highlight. You know celebrity weddings… you can never tell what happens next but I wish them both the best. 🙂

I’ll share with you the first part of the movie below, but with NO subtitle – can’t find any with. 🙂


Any comment on this?

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