tress chic!

My daughter wants to have a change of hair colour from her original jet black to some shade brighter. We went to the drugstore and bought two boxes of these:

Revlon Colorsilk Luminista in Medium Blonde. We’ve decided to experiment on the product – it’s halal by the way (that’s my topmost criteria! hehhe). It’s a challenge to change dark hair to lighter colours so I was looking for hair bleach to get the desired shade on the box but hair bleach wasn’t available so we figured to gamble on the result. Look how it turns out:

Well, what do you think? We’ve just blow-dried the hair. The colour under night light looks very natural I must say, and that’s the effect I was looking for. My daughter was very pleased with the results – she says she can pass off as a Korean actress now! hahha Can’t wait to see how the shade looks under the sun tomorrow. 🙂


2 thoughts on “tress chic!

  1. I wanna ask, (because I’ve seen it at the drugstore, spread by the word of mouth) and I’m particularly curious as to know what is meant by halal. Is it halal as in the ingredients inside it are permissible thus making us able to use it because it won’t prevent ablution from seeping through?

Any comment on this?

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