feel good Friday

Friday is often my best day of the week. Work is till 12.30pm then I’m almost free to do anything afterwards. I always use my Friday to catch up with friends over lunch, window shop or retreat to the salon or spa for some self-pampering. Why not on weekends you may wonder? I’m off work on weekends but normally I would be caught up with errands, visiting families or entertaining guests so Friday evening is literally my personal time-off slot. So I’m going to dedicate a post on every Friday to what Qahina feels good and luscious about. Do share with me what you feel good about on your Fridays okay. *wink
I was out and about town tending to some errands when I realised I’ve run out of my favourite perfume. So when I had the chance to drop by at The Curve today, I went to buy this:

If you wonder what Chanel No 5 smells like, it’s very much rooted to jasmine and rose. To me, the scent really embodies a very feminine person, and I feel exactly that. I love lace and pearls, frills and swirling frocks and roses. My first bottle of No 5 reminded me of a sweet baby powder scent when I first put it on just a few years ago, and since then I’ve been loyal. I did try to alternate with other perfumes just so to prove my choice wasn’t akin to the label but always go back to my first love. 🙂

Do watch the ad for the perfume. Audrey Totou is its latest face and I think that she’s the perfect French woman. 🙂

And this is Nicole Kidman’s version of Chanel No 5 before Audrey Toutou takes over, which I think is super romantic and luscious too.

What’s your favourite perfume and why do you like it?


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