curing oneself through Nature

Still on the subject of health, I would like to share with you a video I happened to chance upon when I was researching on cholesterol etc. Happens that Mr Husband is suffering from high cholesterol (we found it out last October) and I’m trying to make sure the food at home is as healthy as possible.

His theories are not new – but it’s often when we’re sick then we’ll look for abovesaid cures. While I don’t completely agree all cancers can be spontaneously cured as suggested, prevention through diet changes and consuming as per recommended is common sense. What blows my mind was when Dr Coldwell mentioned the fact about salt. I quickly throw away my table salt and replace it with natural sea salt and Himalayan rock salt.

(image taken from antidotehealthstore ) priced around RM7-10 a pack

(image taken from antidotehealthstore) priced range from RM3-5 per pack

Of course it’s a tad expensive than the regular salt but these were made through tedious evaporation process hence its worth. Imagine all these while you’ve been consuming processed glass and sand in your regular table salt? Of course your arteries get bruised all the time! So yeah, that was a phenomenal news to me. đŸ™‚
Do observe what Dr Coldwell has said in this video. At the end of the day, prevention is better than cure, as I’m learning now.


Any comment on this?

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