family first!

There were a couple of important birthdays in my life soon to celebrate – one is my Mom’s this Friday and another is my eldest daughter early next Feb. So I took the occasion to shop for both today and look what I’ve got them;
A gold and pearl stud earrings for my daughter…

simple and elegant!

Plus a custom-made personalised name-plate necklace which she was super-excited about because it’s her first ever. We will only get it 3 weeks later, and by then she’ll be back again for her cousin’s engagement party and it’ll be ready for use. At first I wanted to give her a watch but thought better and gave her jewellery instead. What woman would resist jewellery you tell me right? LOL
My daughter was soooo delighted by the surprise she belanja me coffee and cake at Delicious after the whole shopping. 🙂
Then it’s time to get my own Mom something. I’m not very good at buying gifts but I know when it comes to women, you can never go wrong with handbags, accessories or clothes. My brother has showered her with a handbag last December from his bonus so I thought I get her some blouses instead from Ms Read.
Thank God my Mom doesn’t read my blog so don’t spoil her birthday surprise yet yeah? Shhhhh…
What’s more surprising is my eldest decided to buy her sis lil’ Aisyah her first dollhouse! Even I don’t buy her toys much – Aisyah is super lucky to get big sisters who love her! LOL

happy baby

Lil’ Aisyah is overjoyed at her new toy. Nowadays I just buy her books and puzzles and once in a while her sisters will spoil her with toys so I guess it’s balanced. 🙂
Thank you God, for happy times in my family. I know if I’m patient and put others before me, His rewards are in store.


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