financial revelation for the new year

4 years ago, I cleared off 2 credit cards and that was THE most soul-cleansing effort I’ve made in my life. I could’ve fooled myself into thinking I need it during emergency, but I don’t travel that often nor do I shop that much. I’m still lucky that I don’t have a student loan but I do have a house loan debited from my payslip for the next 20 years. My number one issue with debt though; was my credit card spending. Guess I cared too much about having stuff like everyone else, and to be seen happy and having a good time every weekend hence the accumulation of bills. Now that the party is over, it was agonizing to not be able to swipe a credit card to my heart’s content but I’m super relieved that I dont need to que up at the cash deposit machine every month. It still tortures me having to save up for big ticket items but at least I’m not chased by payment datelines. I also begin to read a number of financial management books over the years but nobody touches me as well as Suzie Orman. Maybe because she’s female so she’s closer to the heart but I wish I have her sense everytime the paycheck rings in. Watch her short course below, or if you don’t have time, just scroll further for what I have summed up as my own pledge for financial freedom this year.

America’s Money Class with Suze Orman – Money Secrets Revealed – FULL EPISODE

Tomorrow henceforward, I pledge to:
1. Live below my means and within my means
2. Take greater pleasure in savings than spending
3. Recognize who I am, not what I have.
4. Discuss with my husband or if I’m not completely secure with him, my Mom, how I’m going to spend my monthly paycheck
5. Dont buy any clothes for next 6 months (this is DEFINITELY the hardest because I LOVE clothes)
6. Get a debit card with limited funds
7. And whenever I want to spend, think about my daughter’s future tuition fees!
* I want to fulfil all, although it’s going to be very tough (especially Point 6!). But Capricornians are born driven. So wish me luck!


4 thoughts on “financial revelation for the new year

  1. good luck dear… in kl is kinda hard not to shop. luckily i am here in tm and can plan my shopping trips. getting a debit card and setting a low limit really helps a lot. go out less ….that will definitely help. 😉

    • KL is really bad for your pocket. Im glad I dont live in Singapore though – my daughter says crazy sales every week! hahah Yeah Im working on the debit card because Ive heard shopping online is cheaper than stores? is it? I never shop online coz Im creeped out by credit card fraud stories. Having a baby really hinders my outing as is, so maybe I should have more? hahahahhahahahahahaha *laughing at myself*

  2. Capricornians ARE born driven indeed! I definitely can relate to this because I’ve gone through the same situation with my credit cards a few years ago. Now, not even one credit card can be hard at times especially when you are so used to having a few. I do miss my plastic money but not having to put up with the monthly payment is something I treasure more. Plus, like you said, it is possible to live below your means. With the house and kids, I’m sure we can survive with whatever we have rather than spending the money that we don’t have. Have a good day Aniq and kisses for lil’ Aisyah!

    • I completely agree with you Susan. It’s very easy to get lulled into thinking you must have something coordinated with whatever you have in your closet. At the end of the day, who cares? Worst if people start labelling you into rich, or vain, just because you have what others covet. I’m still superficial in that sense, but as age catches up I’m slowly letting go of my attachment to labels. That works wonders to my pocket I dare say! hahah Thanks for your feedback and sure, I’ll kiss Aisyah for you. 🙂

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