wishing you a wonderful new year!

Hi. It’s been a long long time since my last update and since I am a master of many hats in real life, blogging is pushed to a very far corner of my universe. Nonetheless I should usher in 2012 with a new blogging spirit, right? Yeaaahhhh…..

It is 22 days since January launched, so I’m 3 weeks delayed from the supposed new year post. But I would like to wish everyone a fabulous new year, especially with today being a Chinese New Year itself. Today’s blog entry is actually a fortunate occassion. 🙂

To my dear blogger friends; Ms Escape, Beatrice, Peng Peng and many kind others unmentioned here- Gong Xi Fa Cai. To the rest of my readers, have a wonderful break from work. I feel like adding this video recorded today as Mr Husband bought some birds to be released which I learnt later is a very auspicious custom to bring luck for the new year.

What have I been up to? Besides work and household stuff, lil’ Aisyah kept me busy. Aisyah has turned 2 last October and growing ever more cheeky these days.  

She’s having a bit of a speech delay as compared to her peers but that’s because she’s been at home with the nanny most of the time. I took her out to a music play group every Saturday for 45 mins and we arranged get-togethers with my colleagues who have similar-age children. And we talk and sing to her a lot, so she’s picking up a mouthful of words here and there. I’m not too worried yet because I’ve read this is common but am doing whatever is best to get her speech to develop. If you have similar problem checkout Speechtails, a good site that gives you ideas on what to to with your baby. Its not free, but they give a 3 day free trial offer so it’s a good start.

Apart from that I wish to toilet train her soon but as long as she’s unable to tell me if she feels a poop coming it’s quite difficult to do so. However I can’t wait to get her off diapers! LOL Baby’s bum is the cutest thing on earth don’t you think so? Yeah yeah… I get mushy easily over my baby. 🙂

The Chinese New Year break is also a great family time. I get to have all my girls with me which is quite rare since my eldest is working overseas. Oh by the way, we found this fabulous Iranian restaurant at Publika Solaris KL called House of Kebab. The food and ambience is wonderful and they even have live belly dance show every Friday and weekend at 9pm. Well, it was  my first time there last night but the impression was great. Now I prefer this place for a fine Persian food treat. Do visit and share your views.


taken from its facebook page

Hope to keep you guys posted often. Thanks for dropping by!


2 thoughts on “wishing you a wonderful new year!

  1. well, it’s still not too late. you managed to post this on the last day of the year of the rabbit and u are ushering in the year of the dragon 😉 well done. have a good break ya

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