a small Raya gathering at my garden

I invited my daughter’s friends for a small Raya tea at my house and made some beef macaroni apart from typical lemang, ketupat and rendang spread. Fatin has many foreign friends and I wasn’t sure what to serve them. I’m completely familiar with what to cook for our locals – the usual nasi tomato or beriyani is often a hit. But when it comes to entertaining foreigners, my experience taught me to cut down on the spice and chillies. Therefore, pasta in any sauce is often my best bet.

my daughters, Fatin and lil' Aisyah

my lil angel is in the garden!

I was quite fixated with my set up and recently bought some portable furniture for entertaining outdoors. Was thinking of accumulating more chairs to accommodate the huge number of family from both sides (is 30-40 big?) because whenever everyone comes for birthdays, Eid etc we often need to cater for dining sets and buffet table which costs a lot. Last Raya alone, the tables and chairs rental service wanted to charge almost double because we rang them up last minute. Mr Hubby paid because we need them, but that triggered the ambitious streak in me to accumulate more portable tables and chairs, those you can stack and store and get them out anytime you feel like throwing a party.

lovely girls

the kids were goofing about.

yes yes the hostess yang lebih lebih! hehhe

It was a nice small party indeed. The youngsters really enjoyed themselves and of course, my karaoke set was attacked after! LOL Seriously, that karaoke set was really a blessing because it adds fun to an otherwise a typical makan-makan, then balik! hehhe
My lil’ Aisyah was also having a ball among her admirers. Si kenit tu punya seronok sampai all the kakak kakak and abang abang stayed longer than tea time!

Alhamdulillah. Next week Mr Hubby invited some of his good friends pulak for makan. The kuli in me screamed -aiyohh…. LOL


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