A fab Raya week

How’s your Eid this year? Mine was quite handful because I was pretty ambitious with my preparation. As usual, lil’ Aisyah’s baju kurung (Malay traditional attire) is sewn by yours truly! I’ve sort of promised myself to stitch her Raya outfits as long as I’m able so this year is no different. I have a nice red jubah to wear for Eid so the whole family had to dress according to the theme! LOL We have shopped for red baju kedah for my two other daughters at Cattlyia earlier. I got most of my workclothes and my daughter’s Malay attires from Cattlyia because they have really nice collection of traditional wear that is simple, elegant and well-cut. You can contact Ranita and Nina the owners at +60122092257 for further info. This year, I bought a red polka dot ala ladybug fabric for Aisyah’s baju to match mine. I discovered Yee Button Craftworld at SS2, PJ when I was searching for imported cottons during my sewing craze phase and they have a fabulous range from American, English to Japanese cotton at their shop. These are lil’ Aisyah’s baju Raya for last year.

baju Raya 2010

It was quite a feat as I had no professional skills as a tailor and my work isn’t as neat but nothing beats that proud feeling of achievement when you make your own stuff, plus people get genuinely impressed that you managed! So I won’t give up sewing just because I have a day job! hahhah
As for Raya rendang, cookies and cakes, I made my own and ordered some. While rendang and kuah kacang are my usual fare every Eid, baking cookies is my first venture.
 I don’t know what got into me this year but I’ve caught the Stepford-wife syndrome and been on fire baking, cleaning and sewing till the last minute! It was definitely laborous but I had this awesome drive throughout Ramadhan to make sure my family enjoyed this Raya with my homemade preps. Although I’ve only managed to complete lil’ Aisyah’s Raya outfit at the last hour, I was beaming with pride when she puts it on.

We were all red hot by Raya morning! 🙂

And my cookies! Oh yes, I was quite proud with my achievement because I would’ve never thought I would go into this kind of thing. Eventually I managed to churn out four cookies:
1) chocolate chips with cornflakes and almonds (recipe courtesy of Johana)
2) white chocolate covered sweethearts
3) coconut biscuit with cherries (recipe from here)
4) peanut butter cookies
Ad of course, not forgetting some butter cake (which recipe had been posted earlier)

Celebrating raya in KL is not as festive as at hometowns out of state so it was quite a lonely Raya. However streets sans traffic jams were heavenly to drive through! My own parents had gone back to Perak and Kelantan and were only back by 4th day of Eid. I celebrated the first Eid with my parents in law who are in PJ and we adjourned to a couple of close friends’ house later in the evening. By second and third Eid it was back to roaming the empty streets running errands. As for me, I don’t do open house but if anyone dear wants to pay a visit do give me a tinkle and I’ll cook up something nice to welcome you. My friend Nawal and Audrey did so yeah… you are most welcome! 🙂

Last weekend I managed to gather the whole family from both sides at my house. I catered some lamb beriyani from my sister in law who operates Caravan Cafe at Bukit Antarabangsa Ampang and set up a couple of tables for the small party. My nieces and nephews really enjoyed themselves eating and karaoke till the wee hours! Thank God the neighbours have not return from their hometowns yet so we had the whole street to croon to ourselves! hahah

It was a memorable Eid, Alhamdulillah. To my readers, while we’re still in Syawal month, I would like to wish you Selamat Hari Raya and Maaf Zahir Batin.Till later, ciao!


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