My mommy’s butter cake

Hello, my name is lil’ Aisyah and I’m going to show you how to make a simple butter cake. Papa has been telling Mommy he was craving for a nice moist butter cake and tonight I was helping out Mommy by posing about cute in Mommy’s headscarf and staring at the oven while Mommy used something funny looking called the mixer and started making it. Here’s how. First you need to check whether you have all the following:
280g butter
500g premixed butter cake
6 eggs
50g milk
15ml glycerin

Mommy tweaked the manual provided in the premixed to add more moist to the cake, but you’re free to follow whichever. Then you do as directed in the manual which is easy peasy! One tip that is very important is that you must cream the butter first before you add the eggs!

*By this time Mommy was telling me that she wished for a Kenwood Mixer – the one she’s been eyeing at Harvey’s Norman!* shhhh… now you know what she wants for her birthday! hehhe
Right after that Mommy greased up the baking tin with butter and poured the batter in. This is the part where we all anticipated until I almost fell asleep!

the whole house smells so yummy!

Well, since I’m sleepy, Mommy tucked me to bed first and promised me a gorgeous butter cake for breakfast!

in my dreams!

Alright folks, see you next time in lil’ Aisyah and Mommy’s adventure! 🙂


3 thoughts on “My mommy’s butter cake

  1. Ola gorgeous! No I dont have Ipad and I dont intend to own one! heheheh Im content with my BB!*wink Yeah, its been a while. Miss you too doll. When is your next trip to KL?

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