Butterfly Park, Kuala Lumpur.

A long weekend is due this week thanks to Labour Day which falls on a Sunday, great enough to bring family for sightseeing! 🙂 Our destination this time around is the Butterfly Park in KL. Located along Jalan Chenderawasih, next to the Bird’s Park it’s right in the middle of KL. I reached there at about 2pm and there was quite a number of tourists. Entry fee is RM18 per person (tapi local harga lain) and just a tip here, there are plenty of steps so no point bringing in strollers or even a wheelchair! That’s one bad thing about this place which I think the park management should improve to facilitate the visitors. I brought my pram along to accommodate my baby but when I saw the steps all around the park I rushed back inside at the ticket counter to leave my stroller behind. Right then, I saw these Arabs dragging an old granny on a wheelchair which is quite a sad view, and been telling them that there are many steps inside which would be problematic but I figured that old lady wanted to see butterflies so bad so her family brave through it.

my daughters and I

a nice stroll in the park with my baby. 🙂

Anyway, the park is quite small and you can cover it within an hour but honestly, stay longer so you can really enjoy the butterflies. The landscape is really nice and quaint, and there are lots and lots of butterflies. It was quite a sight seeing these colourful beings sweeping by your head and staying still long enough for a gorgeous photoshoot. If there’s a section of heaven on earth, this is it’s recreation! That’s what I feel upon seeing this park. My baby was thrilled at first but after a while she got freaked out by the flit and flutter of butterflies. Lil’ Aisyah is not afraid of animals and she enjoyed the sights of tortoise, frogs and fish which were all over the park, but I guess butterflies are a rare sight so she couldn’t really make out what it was.

lil Aisyah watching the butterflies drinking and gettin' scared for nothing! LOL

Out of the 120 species of butterflies available, I snapped only a few… I know a Rajah Brooke when I see one but the rest I’m oblivious of. When I saw these however, my heart cried out – Subhanallah 🙂

this one is picture perfect. I wish I had DSLR camera with me.

The park immitates the actual rainforest habitat of these butterflies so they roam free eventhough with humans around. It was simply delightful to view the many range of colours on the butterfly wings, especially under the sunlight. My daughter Fatin stood straight and still for quite some time so the butterflies could sit on her but to no avail. I guess the butterflies can tell she’s not a tree! LOL

my two gorgeous butterflies!

After an hour we were already drenched in sweat. It’s a little stuffy inside the park so bring some water to refresh yourself after the spectacular sights. The air-conditioned museum at the end of the park was quite a welcome change from the heat. I enjoyed learning about the various bugs and species of butterflies all around the world.

In short, I won’t mind coming here again. It was a short and sweet trip. This park is really a worthy visit in Malaysia and I hope the management can do more to make it better.


4 thoughts on “Butterfly Park, Kuala Lumpur.

  1. I’ve never visited the Butterfly Park. When the kids were younger, we went to the Bird Park and everyone enjoyed the outing. Thanks for this posting…yeah..we could do the Butterfly Park one of these days.

    • Thanks MTT, I hope I dont paint the wrong picture lest you visit and find it dissapointing because it’s quite small but honestly, it is a beautiful quaint place. If you’ve enjoyed birdpark, you would enjoy butterfly park. Do pay them a visit. 🙂

    • well, baby tengah tido so tcher malas nak kejut nanti dia mamai nangis sepanjang masa rosak pulak majlis orang! heheh… Tapi dapat lepas rindu peluk cium jiha, nabila, and especially your sister nadia! Congrats ye!

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