of baby and bla bla bla

I’m quite tied up with preparing debate scripts for the annual zone debate tournament these couple of weeks so blogging is sidelined for a while. Nonetheless, I miss posting something new. I had millions of issues everyday in which I’d love to deliberate but the moment I sat down in front of my PC it’ll be 12 am! Crazy how 10 years ago I could survive staying awake past 2 am but now I can barely blink by 11 pm! Aging process I reckoned! LOL
Well, just to share, baby Aisyah is growing so well and happy. She cracks me up all the time with her new antics. She’s always showing off what she’s learned from this video I’ve played for her the past month and she’s able to pick up some words like head, knees, toes, eyes and ears. Well anything that a baby does is an achievement in her mom’s eyes right? I think the video is pretty cool so I totally recommend the programme.

To date Aisyah is 18 months. I used to send her to Gymboree and Play n Learn for baby play but stopped after Play n Learn was shut down. Was looking around for other centres but it was quite a distance, so I devised a couple of activities to replace those classes she missed and keep her occupied. I’ll bring Aisyah to the playground in the evenings that I’m free, and scheduled a number of learning DVDs to be played by the nanny while I’m away at work. At night we’ll have jigsaw puzzle, music and Quran reading but sometimes I give her a break and let her roam free because I can’t be Tiger Mommy all the time! LOL Yes I must admit I”m turning quite ambitious but I guess most parents go through similar drills with their firstborn and when the next one comes along, they lose the drive to keep up! ha ha… Yea, that said, the only thing missing is peer interaction so I do feel the urge to give her a small brother or sister! hahahaha Well, did I just blurt that out??? Err….
That issue remains at the back of my mind but I guess Mr Hubby and I never really bring it to discussion. Honestly, I’m not ready yet because I find raising Aisyah itself is a complete Discovery Channel for me and there were a zggllion issues at hand. However it would be nice for Aisyah to have a smaller sibling! Right now her older sisters and Mr Hubby are spoiling her rotten, which is nice, but I don’t want her to turn out a smug princess! Luckily she fears me scolding her, which is in a way signalling her respect for my authority. Aisyah is generally an easygoing child and she obeys instruction. I just need to keep the momentum of active learning and guided instructions ongoing, which can be very tiresome. There’s a link I like to surf on educational training for babies which I find reliable and worth subscribing to and it’s good to know many new parents like me are in the same boat. (Click Babylicious)
Ok, last but not least here are some of her latest. 🙂

Aisyah and her nanny

trying hard to mould her into a Mozart enthusiast! hehhe

chasing her around the park is a real workout!

sama kan?

Well, that’s it for now. See you later! *wink


One thought on “of baby and bla bla bla

  1. Awww baby Aisyah is so cute!! ( I have this auto speller on my iPad that’s quite annoying and it’s just turned aisyah’s name to Austen, punyalah kepo sangat, nasib I checked)

    Yup baby no 2 is definitely a welcome addition I must say, haha)

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