my new fitness regime

I won’t lie to you and say I was too busy for blogging. The truth is, I was too tired. 😦 By the time I reach home from work I will be running around making sure dinner is in order, lil’ Aisyah is engaged in meaningful activities, that I have completed my chores then fetch my daughter from college at 9pm. By bedtime I could hardly wash my face. Next thing in my conscious mind is the sound of the alarm ringing to mark the beginning of the next day. Time felt too short and my energy being sapped left and right. I took multivitamins religiously but even that don’t help. The only thing missing is exercise. I realised my fitness level has gone down the drain leaving me with no coping mechanism to last a full day. Hence I pick up running again. I started with 15 mins a day, and increase it to half an hour. Yesterday was a full 45 mins. Well, can’t say I ran the full stretch of 45 mins because 40 mins was made up of slow walking! But hey, 5 mins of running on Speed 8 and Inclination 3 is quite an accomplishment hhokay! LOL (please don’t gag…)

It’s been working so far. I do feel lighter and brighter after my run. The best part of this regime is that I felt guilty if I don’t work out so having the drive and realisation is quite a leap of faith, probably marking a new era of a fitter me. I hope!
Alright, I’m not going to tune out by saying let’s see how long this lasts. I’m going to say; let this be me. 🙂

p/s: I went through this quiz the other day about your fitness style and thought of sharing it here. Try it, maybe you’ll find out why gym is not for you! he he (Click here)


3 thoughts on “my new fitness regime

  1. Yeah i know what you mean by feeling guilty for not exercising ! i recently started running too but i had to make sure i don’t overdo it because i’m not entirely sure that my problematic heal has healed completely so just taking it easy, like short 15 minute run each time kan.

    and then i also got myself a zumba fitness game on my wii and alas i have no dancing genes at all in me and it’s something that i WILL not do in public !! i don’t mind doing it in the confines of my living room coz i know i looked HIDEOUS but really enjoyed it when i used it two days ago.

    so let’s keep each other motivated and make sure that we keep our fitness regime going !!


  2. woo hoo hoo…i want a treadmill too!!!
    it has been raining almost every evening and i have only jogged once this week. can feel the stomach area bulging

  3. Wow, PP, you got a Zumba! he he… well, anything as long as it burns as much fat as possible heh? LOL
    Oh yeah, 15 mins is sufficient. Hope your ankle recovers fast so you can do more than 15 mins! ha ha. Well, I’m aiming for 2km under 20 mins. Right now I’m going at 27 mins top for a 2 km run. I try to beat time so I can cut short my exercise! Cheeky! 🙂
    Ms Escape: yeah I finally use the treadmill. The problem is its not as fun as running outdoors. I just asked my daughter to upload more dance songs to my MP3 so I can get motivated. 🙂 Aiyohh woman, where got your stomach bulging? Your stomach is a dashboard la!*envy*

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