my review of Battle Hym of the Tiger Mother

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I finally got my hands on this amazing book which has been the rave of controversy among American parents. Many got slighted over her accusations with the general parenting techniques as weak and indulgent compared to the Chinese strict upbringing. Amy Chua,a law professor in Yale University, recounts her trials and tribulations of raising her daughters the Chinese way by claiming herself the ultimate Tiger Mother. She is brutally honest about how she drills her children to success by squeezing every moment of the day to guide and supervise her daughters, while juggling career and of course, husband’s attention. I think on that note, regardless of how the children fare, is a success on its own because as everyone can secretly reaffirm, no career woman can honestly balance both. I’m sure Amy has literally open the pandora box on parenting techniques that works. Most rational people out there wouldn’t have agreed with her and so did she. She wasn’t proud of what she did which I find very frank as a mother. However, to each their own, and I think if you delve deeper, you will agree with her that it’s not what you give to your children that matters, it’s how. And to find that level of commitment is refreshing instead of coping with the generic, “well, my child has done their best now let’s leave it to fate to decide” mentality.

While I’m not about to advocate what she’s done should be the be all and end all of parenting techniques, I could surely pick up a tip or two on how we should lay out the right path for our children. Or how we should definitely be home to oversee what our children do at the end of the day. There were times when I realised that I have been quite negligent because I was absorbed in my own fatigue and other commitments, but looking at Aisyah little face, I must try my hardest to provide her my best attention. Above all, I don’t want Aisyah to grow up as a ‘soft, entitled child.’ Too many of us permit that, concious and unconciously so it’s time to change. I’m glad I read this book in my early years of motherhood. šŸ™‚ There is a price to pay for your dream and effort, and I hope that I can balance the tips from each book I read without being overzealous.


Any comment on this?

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