getting wet in Penang

I had a week break from work and coincidentally Mr Hubby had to make a trip to Penang for some business meeting. It was just nice for a short vacay, along with baby. When Mr Hubby mentioned we were going to hit the beach as part of our Penang trip, one of the first thing that came to my mind is a swimsuit. I have not gone to the beach since I got pregnant and any reminisce of previous figure has gone to smoke. So it’s high time I get myself a new bikini!!! ha ha I wish!
To be honest, I’ve never don a bikini my entire life because I’m too concious of scaring the public with my “spare tyres” so I got myself this at Mad Wave.

It looks as if I was going scuba diving in it but I just want something that is modest to be run around in and out of water. The suit is made from lycra hence excellent with stretch and comfort. Another great feature is that the material can block 97.5% of UV – I just saved a whopping RM29 on an SPF 30 sunblock! Wohooo..
(okay, no full photo coz I AM too shy!)
Lil’ Aisyah also got a swimming suit – it’s intended for one-year-olds but seems a bit loose on her because my baby is on the small side. Still, it fits the occassion to the T!

dah jadi swimsuit model!

Then we had a great time at the hotel’s pool. Batu Feringhi was cancelled due to tsunami scare. Hmm..

I love this pic the most. Worth a thousand words!

Aisyah all blue from the cold water. Sejukkkkkkk...

The last time I took her to the pool was when she’s 3 months old, and she enjoyed it tremendously. 12 months later, she’s now back in water and lil’ Aisyah seems to take it well. After 2 hours she was shivering but she kept quiet the whole time while I wrapped her warm. Mr Hubby suggested we go back into the water but I gave Aisyah a rest. Maybe next time soon ok baby? he he
Well, it was a memorable short vacation. I had a bit of food poisoning the day after from some mee rebus we had but I survived the ordeal. Okay, no more funny food. Back to my so-called diet in KL. Duhh…


2 thoughts on “getting wet in Penang

  1. Aww…just look at Aisyah with her yellow swimming cap and all. She’s probably going to be the next Nurul Huda (one of Malaysia’s greatest female swimmer long time ago).

    Meant to comment on one of your previous postings, which you helped out a girl in trouble. Well done, good Samaritan!

    • I think my generation recognizes Nurul Huda so yes, hopefully lil Aisyah will be someone great like that – Amin! he he he You know MTT, I read your posts abt fitness and was so inspired I start running on the treadmill again. Just wanna say you’re my inspiration! he he
      Thanks for the compliments. I dont deserve it – I’m sure you’ll do the same if in my shoes. 🙂

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