esprit de corpe in times of need

It was an utter shock seeing the recent earthquake and tsunami impact in Japan that had caused thousands of death. My heart bleeds everytime they run the images of Sendai town being washed over by tsunami and the horrors of radioactive exposure that follows. What saddens me further is the 180 faceless unnamed technicians and engineers that agreed to stay in the power plant in the effort of pumping seawater to cool down the reactors – a deathly sacrifice few would make. We’re now listening to news that no rescue missions dare to enter the area and we all understood the implications those workers would endure. Such is the act of martyrs.
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It’s quite sad to note that some have actually mock the Japanese catastrophe by saying they deserve it for their past wrongdoings. What transpire through this catastrophe is the will of mankind to survive and the highest moral of the Fukushima nuclear power plant workers to stay behind just so that they can prevent full damage to their fellow countrymen. I believe that in times like this, no human can withstand the horrors that Japan is going through. Please be kind. If you can’t help, at least, save your resentments to yourself.


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