a wedding to remember

I went to my friend’s wedding last Saturday at the Dream Centre Methodist Church at PJ. Hitching a ride from another friend of mine who drove all the way from Tanjung Malim, we were super excited to see the bride in her gown! We were all classmates during our bachelors degree, and shared so much then that it was amazing to even be able to reconnect after 10 years! The wedding was a sweet affair, and when the pastor declared them as husband and wife I think both my friend and I felt tears in our eyes. It was just a proud moment to be able to see our dear Sim safely aboard onto the marriage bandwagon! he he

Oh gosh, I keep calling her Sim (that’s her maiden surname) since forever because that’s how I’d always known her. Now I have to change that to Mrs Wing Tek! Congratulations dear! May your future be filled with lots of laughter and happy ever-after – not forgetting a couple of kids to spice up your life! he he

Well, right after the wedding I accompanied my friend LS to redeem her ISETAN points at KLCC. She introduced me to a fabulous pair of sportshoes called ASICs which costs about RM700.. wow, there I thought Nike and Adidas was already top of the range and here comes the world of designer sportshoes! Now my dear LS is a fitness nut (in my eyes) so I’m not surprised that she spends that much for a pair of running shoes. However, she didn’t because her previous shopping points at ISETAN saved her from plunging deep into her LV wallet! *wink
And of course, MAC had a promo on Wonderwoman comic fame and being a make up fan myself, I couldn’t resist getting a lipstick from their new range. We each got ourselves some make up and a photoshoot with the Wonderwoman model.

lunch at Miss Kwan

Later, we had lunch at Miss Kwan. We wanted to eat curry mee at Penang’s lil Cafe, then it was full, so we headed to Madam Kwan. Full also, haiyaa…then my friend suggested Miss Kwan (I never knew it existed). Well, I satisfied my hunger for curry mee and LS had chee cheong fun. It wasn’t too bad but still can’t beat Penang’s lil Cafe curry me in my opinion. LS and I shared lots of goss in between while we ate. It was really refreshing to just chill out with an old friend. 🙂 What a great day… and a wonderful wedding memory. Thanks LS!


One thought on “a wedding to remember

  1. you are welcome ;P
    and my shoes do not cost rm700!!! it was on 60% discount so only rm319. same price or maybe cheaper than your top range nike and adidas.
    but serious, if you wanna buy running shoes, get from asics or mizuno ;P so when are you getting a pair? then we wonder women together haha

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