a near-death accident

It was pretty late when I got on my way home from work – at 6.30pm the Bukit Lanjan highway which I use to get home and to work on daily basis was packed with traffic. One trailer was creeping up a slope heading towards south and I was slowly tailing right behind it at 20mph. Was actually getting exasperated because my mind was already home thinking of what to cook for dinner while taking time with my accelerator when suddenly, a bike swerved from behind and cut in between my car and the trailer to overtake it from the left. Bang! The errant biker hit something and the bike collapsed. I remembered seeing the helmet tossed high and rolled on the road. My heart literally skipped a beat thinking that whoever that was must’ve been dead looking at the size of the trailer!

the trailer

The trailer stopped immediately and I pulled over at the side. There were a couple of other men too dragging the biker to the roadside, and upon inspection, it was a girl! The men called out to me as I was the only female there to help and they were a bit uncomfortable handling her. I pulled her jacket’s hood over and noticed that an earphone was still plugged to her ears and took that off too. She was half concious and I searched for her phone just in case she fainted and I needed to call someone she knows. Luckily the girl was able to reply to our questions. She wasn’t even aware that she had just collided into the trailer and insisted to ride her bike back. We told her that she couldn’t ride far anyhow with her bike’s condition so she agreed to stop at the rest area at Sungai Buloh while being accompanied with a couple of other motorists. My instinct told me to stay with her and so I rode along with the small troop forming to guide her. The rest area is just 100 metres ahead and we all stopped at the petrol kiosk there. Imagine a huge trailer with a group of motorists driving along the girl’s bike! It really felt like pure humane team spirit… at that moment the only thing that crossed my mind was; if anything like this strike me or any of my family members, I hope there are people such as these that would participate in the rescue. When we reached the petrol kiosk I got the girl some water to clean her face and wounds. She was in more pain as she realised her accident, and we managed to help her into my car to rest while we waited for her relatives to pick her up.

It was quite a while for her relatives to get through to where we were because traffic was bad everywhere and we were in the middle of a highway. There I was occupied with the poor girl, while the trailer driver and two other guys waited along. The driver, known as Zali was quite shaken and relieved that the girl wasn’t dead. Apparently, she escaped death by fluke – she banged the oil tank right in between the mudguard, and lucky she fell on her left side instead of the right to which she could’ve been dragged into the tyres! I told him that most lorry drivers couldn’t care less if they weren’t at fault and he was really kind to stay and help the girl until the end. I also managed to find out that she’s a UKM student and was on her way back from Batu Caves where she works part time as an insurance agent. She was in a hurry to get home and couldn’t recall how she crashed into the lorry! I didn’t want to press her further and just let her rest and gave her some painkiller to ease her pain.(Rasa macam one kepoh makcik pulak, he he.. but at least if she’s unconcious I would know how to describe her kan?)
It was half past eight by the time her family arrived to pick her up. Called Mr Hubby earlier and told him that I was going to wait with the girl until her family arrives at the scene. Mr Hubby understood my predicament and told me to stay.
When I was about to leave I gave the girl a hug and she kissed my hand. She couldn’t say anything because she was in pain – the side where she fell had consumed her. That really touched me – she still managed some kind of gratitude even while in extreme pain. I left the scene praying she’ll be okay. My heart really soared that night. 🙂


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