my favourite dress in the Oscars 2011

You know that I’m a fan of star style on award shows so this year’s Oscar got my heartbeat racing for a follow up post. I find it pure fantasy watching what the stars are wearing and finding what works for me in the future if I ever managed to be a friggin’ billionaire! ha ha
Well, let’s just pray for that wish to come true for me, ok folks?
*5 mins silent for prayer*
Anyhooo… my own award for this year’s Oscar best-dressed goes to:

image taken from

Mila Kunis looks gorgeous in her lavender chiffon Elie Saab Haute Couture gown with draping layers intertwined with delicate lace. You need to have a great sihouette to wear that dress and she rocked it in style. She’s definitely someone to watch for – probably a new Angelina Jolie in the making. Her pretty smokey eye and pink lips make up is simple and fresh, and totally complimented the dress. It’s sexy pretty, definitely not slutty or trying too much.
This time around, unlike during the Grammys’ where everyone was bathed in gold and silver in pursuit of hot-ness, class and style prevails in the Academy Awards. There’s lots of nude pastels, lace and chiffon, feathers (which seems to be the rage now) and elegant necklines. You can view most of them here. (Click link)
By the way, what I’ve predicted in previous post has came out true! When I saw that ‘The King’s Speech’ won best film, Colin Firth won best actor and Natalie Portman as best actress I almost flip! he he
Now I can already start a career as Paul the Octopus Fortune Teller!

image taken from luxurylaunches

Alright, if anyone has queries on their future, you’ll know who to look for! ha ha
That’s the end of awards seasons. They can roll up the red carpet now and let us common folks move on. Adios!


Any comment on this?

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