my review of Oscar movies 2011

I hardly post anything of late because half of the week was occupied with a lecture I volunteered to give to hall-full of 400 students. So you can imagine by Day 2 my nerves was almost at breaking point during preparation. I’ve given a talk elsewhere before but not in front of my colleagues and superiors, so it was a bit nerve-wrecking, hence the vigorous set-ups.To top that I had inflamed tonsilitis so you can imagine the strain on my vocal chords for a full 2-hour stretch! Well, I managed to pull it off but at the consequence of whispering a croak by Friday. Got a sick leave and am enjoying the perks of seeing more of my baby plus even an Oscar movie-marathon session! 🙂
I didn’t managed to get ALL ten movies but I’ve seen the following:
1. The Inception
2. The Black Swan
3. The King’s Speech
4. Winter’s Bone
5. 127 hours
6. The Social Network
7. The Kids are Alright

I couldn’t get my hands on True Grit, The Fighter and Toy Story 3 because better quality DVDs weren’t available just yet. They are currently playing at local cinemas so I shouldn’t have missed it but just to share, I haven’t been to the cinemas since I gave birth and whatever movies I’ve watched was from home. That’s like 15 months since! boo hooo.. I do miss the smell of popcorn and the stinky cinema seats, but I never got around to drag my feet to the nearest GSC because there’s this nagging guilt of leaving Aisyah just because I want to enjoy myself at the movies. Weird huh? Albeit that, I don’t feel guilty AT ALL of watching TV while tending to Aisyah, which is honestly, not a brilliant mommy-baby time isn’t it? *sigh*
Enough said.

OK back to the review, it won’t be fair to give a full one because I haven’t watched The Fighter and True Grit but my top favourite would be The King’s Speech. It’s a story about a duke who stammers since child and went through unconventional speech therapies in order to fulfil his duties as newly crowned King of England and present his first speech during World War 2. Colin Firth played the part of the defect king like second skin – he is so believable! It was his friendship with his speech therapist that was real touching – a commoner and a king, and what developed is a humble and honest relationship that transcends status. I think that’s the message of the movie. My guess is The King’s Speech will win best picture and best actor. And I’m not saying this just because I’m in love with Mr Darcy! *wink

My second favourite is Winter’s Bone. It really paints the harsh truth of dirt poor Americans- I would never have guess that there are certain parts of America THAT poor, judging by the rich and famous of Beverly Hills! It’s a story about a 17 year old girl who is alone tending to a sick mother and two other younger siblings in a poor household. Her drug-dealer father had gambled their only house to the loansharks and been missing, leaving her to face the police and loansharks on her own. She had to find her father in order not to be evacuated from her home, and when she did, the father was already killed by his drug-associates. It’s the kind of movie that will shake your core, because you will sympathize with how the girl coped with her circumstances. At one point you think she won’t find any solution to her probs but she did find her father. I just don’t like the ending part because it was quite abrupt. I reckoned because the beginning was made slow to potray the poverty of the characters, by the end of first hour the director started to rush the plot to give a happy end to the story. But if you’re comfortable with indie-movies do watch it. I’m honestly blown away by the new actress Jennifer Lawrence’s performance in this movie. 🙂

The other movie that left a lasting impression on me is 127 Hours. A friend recommended this movie earlier, telling me how macabre it was. The movie is about a man who got trapped under a rock and had to cut his arm free within 127 hours (equaivalent to 5 days) in order to climb out of the canyon he was in and be visible for rescue. As a bonus, the man trapped is James Franco, so it’s definitely a chick-magnet kind of movie – worth 2 hours of swoon, I reckoned! 🙂 But honestly, Franco did great as the sole cast who had to brave cutting his own arm in order to save himself. That part kept playing in my mind, where he had to snap his bones and pull out his nerves and tendon because the knife he was using was blunt- it was that graphic! I couldn’t get the image out of my mind! But I guess the message goes, do whatever is necessary to get yourself alive because life is too precious to waste just like that.

The other movies are also fair game – but they don’t affect me as well as the above. Hence I only listed 3. What I do like about all the contenders is that they reminded us of the basic essence of human efforts to survive life, so ALL are feel-good movies. I do predict that Natalie Portman is going to bag the best actress award because she’s obviously the popular, more pretty choice among the list. But I won’t be surprised if Annete Benning wins too! By the way, these two played their lesbian roles/scenes to full effect which makes me very uncomfortable. That’s why their movies are not really the ones I prefer.
OK that’s all for now. Meantime, I’ll recuperate and bring you more updates later ya. Cheers!


5 thoughts on “my review of Oscar movies 2011

  1. been too busy chasing all my tv series instead of watching all these oscar nominated movies. but i do have them in the hard drive. can’t wait to watch king’s speech.

  2. Wow! You watched a lot of them! I would go for The King’s Speech and 127 Hours too. I haven’t watched Winter’s Bone and The Kids are Alright yet so can’t really comment on that. Will check them out soon. Colin Firth and Natalie Portman would be my pick for the best actor/actress. By the way, you are right about James Franco, he is yummilicious enough to stare at for 2 hours.

  3. James Franco is yummy, Susan! and thanks for agreeing! ha ha I noticed him in Spiderman 2 right away but he’s never got major role until now. Oh yeah, I watched lots of movies as substitute for reading. Its temporary until I’m bored! LOL
    Well, Colin Firth will forever be embodied in our hearts and souls TESL girls as the ultimate knight-in-shining-armour Mr Darcy isn’t it? I spotted him in Mama Mia broadway in KL L.I.V.E! Can you believe it? He’s so humble he doesn’t even want to be acknowledged – goes to show great character in and out of films. Great that he won. Even for Natalie Portman too – she deserves it. The Swan may not be the greatest movie but she was great in it. 🙂

  4. my brother is doing all the download. so i cannot share with you. and i bet it will be some chinese website as well

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