my version of Katy Perry’s make up in Fireworks

So this is my promise to try Katy Perry’s look in her video “Fireworks” in my featured song of the week post last week. I got this video and tried on the steps.

I don’t have all her make up range and brushes shown in tutorial but I have two eye colour palettes that should match. One is my warm eye colour palette by M.A.C and the other is Loreal Open Eyes eyeshadow quad in Open Cobalt. I used the browns and the blues from each. Then I top it up with my Chanel eye liner in Noir. Katy Perry is very girly so I used a lot of pink blusher and pink lipstick to compliment my eyes. This is the result:

my version!

Hmm…what’s my next experiment with make up? Bobbi Brown just came out with its Pretty Pink/Pretty Powerful palette and I received an invite to try it out next week. I’ll come out with a review once I’m done ok. Cheers!

Footnote:I showed this to my friend and she told me that I looked nothing like Katy Perry but she still saw ME! LOL
By the way, just to share that I don’t ‘perasan’ I looked like any star I posted about but was trying their make up techniques for myself. Give me support la kawan kawan! ha ha ha


Any comment on this?

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