Fireworks – Katy Perry

I love to listen to this song because it’s so lifting! There hasn’t been a song in the radio of late that has moved me quite like this one. I was even thinking of using it in my lesson with students because the words are motivating, of course decent for Malaysian students! ha ha

Sorry that you have to watch it at Vevo – majority of videoclips now have been taken to Vevo site for copyright purposes I guess. So do click Vevo and enjoy. I find the part where fireworks starts shooting from Katy’s chest was funny but I guess the message was those fireworks were lit from the heart. Okay… he he
oh, by the way, I love Katy Perry’s make up style. She looks super pretty with her big colourful eyes and pink cheeks! It’s quite a task to pull that look – hey, maybe I’ll try it soon and let you know ok? *wink


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