the eyebrow issue

Of all good things with make up, a neat well-defined eye brow is a must. It’s a shame that most people overlook this fact when you could get a nicely-trimmed eye brows at a cost of RM5. I usually thread mine at Tara’s Beauty at Bangsar, which is on the first floor right next to the MacDonalds. They do a pretty decent job at prepping my eyebrows. You can contact Sheena at +6012 2168572 for an appointment.

Some people find threading a chore so the less painful alternative is waxing which costs around RM20 and lasts longer. The most painful is using tweezer, and if you’re not careful, you can really go overboard. I still like natural hair-on-the brow-look, so I won’t condone eyebrow tatoo. However, whether you keep an eyebrow shaping routine or you don’t believe in it, defined eyebrows really frames the face and enhance your face shape. So, what’s the best eye brow shape for your face, you wonder? Click here to find out.

My sister and I (and maybe in future Aisyah also) are on the bushy-eyebrow side (as you can see) hence I’ve gone ritual with threading.

lil' Aisyah with my sis and me. Tengok eyebrow Aisyah - fuhh monobrow! he he

If you are blessed with naturally defined eyebrows – lucky you! But if you aren’t, there are so many tools out there to help you with fill in the sparse areas. I like powder and gel version, and been using Bodyshop’s eye brow colour set until it was discontinued in 2008.

Then I discovered Bobbi Brown natural brow shaper by fluke! he he

This is my personal favourite because it has enough ‘hold’ to keep my brow hairs swept in place. It doesn’t matter if I slop it on the skin when in a hurry because the colour is not too obvious but you still get definition. Thus it’s quite practical (I like that word!). The only thing that I find not practical about it is there’s not much product on the tube for its price. Yeah, not that I bought it coz it’s Bobbi! (wink) but if you’re into eye brow gel – this is the most natural you can get.:)
Last week I’ve run out of it so I decided to try another product I found at Sasa (cheaper alternative la konon! he he)

Kiss Me eyebrow powder brush

I like it that it gives a natural feel to your brows but I think that I didn’t get the definition I want. I need a darker shade for my tanned skin but tried it on my friend today and it looked really great on her!

very natural but still defined.

My friend has sparse eyebrows and if you use anything wax or gel it’s going to look harsh on her. So this product is perfect. She’s immediately taken by it we’ve planned for a makeup-shopping spree later, wohoo!
Well, at least we all found out what’s best for us today, isn’t it? And yeap, I’ll wait for this weekend for my Bobbi eyebrow gel. Please don’t discontinue! *pray*


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