A Malaysian take on the 53rd Grammy’s award

If I want to talk about current politics and social decadence of our society, it’s like hitting a brick wall because you’ll never get anything positive out of it. Therefore, I chose to rant about trivial stuff in my blog because it allows me to escape to a world where what really matters is how to find joy in the beautiful things and people around you. Like getting obsessed with the Grammy Awards for example! I could literally ogle at the beautiful people passing over the red carpet for hours and marveled at their designer dresses. Pure fantasy, kan? Mr Hubby could never understand what’s my fascination with award shows but I would tell him to leave me be. I’ll fed him a fancy dinner first then take over the remote control. Lil’ Aisyah would be occupied with her Lego set on the side while Mommy drool over Brad Pitt. Too bad the star couple (Jolie-Pitt) didn’t attend the Grammys but at least my fav J Lo was there hitting the red carpet with her svelte post-twin body! hu hu 

this woman just aging with Hotness! Playing it safe but still gorgeous.

It was on last Sunday but I only managed to watch the repeats tonight. What delighted me further was the Fashion Police commentaries (ok, so I cheated on the 3 hour long Grammy and skip to Fashion Police for shortcut review – you must think I’m really jobless by now! ha ha) – Joan Rivers really cracked me up. Many times she’s annoying but her comments on who looks good or not is just spot-on! This year’s trend is gold/ silver or frills coz everybody was rocking the look. I love Joan’s review of Katy Perry’s angelic appearance, among others:

Kate with her nanna - the old lady must've think she's gone to heaven! he he

And Kim Kardashian – oh puhhleez… we all know you got butt. She has a fantastic face but many times I think she’s over doing her “I-have-big-butt” look. I honestly can’t understand what’s the hype around her. She just happened to look exotic among the American faces- so for now, she’s hot. No talent whatsoever though. Hmm…

the pic is ok here but in real she looked so big. Or maybe TV happens to add another 10 kg to her!

And Lady Gaga is just plain weird. Her condom-clad entourage was really gross. She did get the attention she wants though, but it’s just forgettable-weird. I still think that Bjork’s dead swan dress rules forever in weirdom. In spite of the gold and silver flashes, the frills won my attention best. I must’ve gone really romantic this year. I’m pining for Nicole Kidman’s dress.


To add, this morning I heard on the radio that Nicole has 8-abs-stomach. 8 abs? After a baby? wow… Nicole – you are my style inspiration.
The rest are just passable. Except for Jennifer Hudson… she’s lost so much weight and looked so different I can’t recognise her anymore. You’ll wonder how much money goes into sculpting her body kan? Looking at all these fabulous people and their dresses really drilled me into losing weight myself. I better start working on the treadmill! he he Takde event nak pergi pun takpe as long as body look hot!

Ok, that’s it for the Grammy’s 2011. Penat dah.


Any comment on this?

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