5 top items you’ll find in the average Malaysian woman’s make up bag.

Today, I asked a few colleagues around me whom I find fashionable and comfortable with their make up looks what they find “must-haves” in their make up bag. I had the nerve to even rummage through their make up bags (how nosy?!). I won’t disclose their photos though, but the fact that they are so sporting and willing to share their top 5 make up essentials in my blog is very cool! Thank you guys… he he
Having been used to your own make up, don’t you wonder about what others wear that works for them? For me, the best advice comes from trial and error, and as you grow older you won’t look out for sales assistant at the beauty counter anymore. You’ll buy what is useful and financially appropriate for you.

Why 5? You may asked. I believe that a woman can buy any make up under the sun but for daily use it all boils down to the essential 5 – powder, eyeliner, mascara, blush and lipstick. Let’s see what these other 4 outgoing trendy ladies have in their make up bags ya?

Kak Aya's top 5 make up

Kak Aya is the no-nonsense type, and her make up style is simple but immaculate. You won’t see her not made up. She has gorgeous complexion and seems to be able to wear almost any brand without complication. For a 40 year old lady with 5 children she’s still on top of her game so I totally respect her simple style. You’ll find these in her cute red make up bag:
ZA 2 way foundation no.20
Avon eyeliner Glimmerstick in blackest black
Cosway Lelan Vital eyeshadow
Silkygirl shimmer duo blusher
Maybelline lipstick in Cosy Tangerine

Sya's top 5 make up

Sya is the ultimate fashion queen at my workplace. You’ll see her donning the latest tudung (headscarf) with nicely matched baju kurung. She’s really elegant (you can from see her gorgeous gold make up bag!) and she prefers pastel colours to compliment her very fair skin. Had she been in Europe she would’ve blend well with the French ladies! Presenting Sya’s top 5 make up:
Chanel 2 way cake Mat Lumier in Aurore
Bobbi Brown Runway Shimmer Brick Eye palette
Golden Rose eyeliner no.301
Estee Lauder powder blush in Peach Nuance
Clarins lipstick in 702

Weed's top 5 make up

Wid is literally the trend setter at work. Tall and slender with gorgeous features, she’s been dubbed model of the school! You’ll never see her without make up but she appeared so effortless it’s like her personality already. One word to describe her – beautiful! Surprisingly, you’ll never guess what’s in her make up bag. I find her super practical and down to earth.
Elianto BB Miracle Balm
Elianto natural mineral loose powder in Sandy Beige
Zelar Vital Beauty Case for Eye and Cheeks
Elianto stay on eyeliner pencil
Revlon lipstick in cocoa craving
Silkygirl long wearing lipliner in Maroon

Shidah's top 5 make up

Shidah is someone you would definitely turn to for tips and advice for what looks good on you. She’s always in shimmers – which I totally envy because her face just takes in glitter like second skin. Earthy yet nicely made up, her make up makes her glow when she puts it on.
Olay total effects tinted moisturiser
CB Sudden Glow Mineral foundation powder in medium
LOREAL blush minerals in soft coral
Lunasol Geminate eyes
LOREAL super liner in brown crystals
Revlon shiny sheers in 840

How about my own? This is my make up bag when I go to work.

Qahina's make up bag!

The bag is actually lil’ Aisyah’s previous shoecase from papayayas! Can you imagine? he he.. I figured I need something compact and transparent because I want to see my make up in case I miss anything. Plus I got used to being screened at the airport during travel which makes a transparent make up bag seems feasible to carry everywhere. The size is just right for me to chuck into my handbag and go! I have other make up bags but none serves as well as the shoecase. Amazing kan? My own top 5 make up items are as follows:
Ronasutra Mineral Loose Powder in 003
Revlon rectractable eyeliner in dark brown
Revlon retractable lipliner
M.A.C blusher in gingerly
Bobbi Brown lipgloss

Can I cheat the list and add one more *can’t live without*?
Maybeline Magnum Express Mascara in brown. 🙂
I believe your choice in make up do speak of your personal style, and this is a good quiz to find out what your make style represents. (Click on the link to quiz.) This was mine.

What does your Make-up say about you?

You look extemely wise, and balanced by your applied makeup. People see you as not overdone, too desperate, or a wannabe. You look exactly right. People think of you as soft, and sensitive by your makeup choices. You almost always look good, and you have an excellent esthatic sense and a great fashion sense. you know when you look wrong, and you experiment with new colors, but only satisfied when you are one hundred percent sure you look nice.

Fun quizzes, surveys & blog quizzes by Quibblo

Have fun with your make up and do share with me what works for you ok?


One thought on “5 top items you’ll find in the average Malaysian woman’s make up bag.

  1. Pretty good post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed reading your blog posts. Any way I will be subscribing to your feed and I hope you post again soon. Thanks!

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