Mary J Blige in KL, y’all!

My brother and I grew up listening to Mary J Blige so it’s no surprise when news of Mary J Blige touring to KL to perform, we are the first of her many Malaysian fans who are super excited at the thought of seeing her LIVE. If you’re not familiar with Mary, her sounds are in the range of soul, R&B and hip hop, and she is THE original Queen of Hip Hop. With 9 Grammy Awards in her belt, 7 multi platinum albums and 15 years of crooning down our ears, she is really worth the RM288 ticket my brother just treat me with! he he (kisses and hugs to my bro for being so kind!)

It’s been sooooooooo long since I’ve seen my last concert (I think that was Lionel Richie’s) so when my bro suggested we have “siblings-nite-out” watching Miss Mary and singing to her tunes (for old times sake) I plunge right in and said yes. The concert starts at 9pm so I had to leave an hour earlier. Before I left home I made sure my family was well-fed with chicken curry and baby is tucked in early so she won’t wonder where’s Mommy! he he
Mr Hubby knew how much I love Mary J Blige and he was super sweet to allow me the night out. Bless him!

When we arrived at the foyer outside concert hall, there was plenty of photo opportunity. I even caught up with some celebs who apparently are chummy with my sibs. Rasa macam kat award show la pulak! he he

with Serena C.

with HunnyMadu

Back in the hall, Mary J Blige was really awesome. I knew ALL her songs by heart, having collected all her albums since I was 18. The floor was packed to the max and concert lasted for 1 hour and 45 mins. We couldn’t get enough of her but Miss Mary stayed in afterwards without an encore. Still, it was one of the best concert I’ve seen in my life because her voice just reached your spirit. There was no fancy gimmick, just Mary J Blige rendering her hearts out.

mary in white gear - totally hot!

That was as close as I can get with my camera. Sorry ya. 🙂
And here’s a videoclip of Mary’s concert – a summary of what she sang in her KL tour.

On the way out we bump into Mary’s backup singers who just came out from their dressing room and quickly grab them for a pose. Wohoo!

posing with Mary's backup singers

My brother considered waiting for Mary to come out but it was late and I know Mr Hubby was waiting so I had to literally drag him out of KL Plenary Hall! ha ha
None of us had dinner before because we were so excited getting ready to go for the concert so by 11pm we were desperate and ravenous for food! Went to the nearest diner to get a bite. MacDonald pun jadilah.


I went home feeling so soulful – full of love! Told lil’ Aisyah before I went off earlier,
“Mommy nak pergi concert Kak Mary tau, nanti bila besar nanti kita pergi sama sama ye? “and surprisingly, she nodded and smile. How cool is that? he he


5 thoughts on “Mary J Blige in KL, y’all!

  1. ya ya betul tu! Aunty Mary. 20 years later Mary J Blige will turn 60 ala Chaka Khan la pulak! Biasanya all these artists bila dah tua mula lah buat world tour kat Malaysia ni, so I’m sure Aisyah and I will have our chance of night out with Mary someday.
    Thanks arni!

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