the ghost in the store room

For a week already I’ve noticed the door to our store room is ajar every morning. Looks like someone has left it open and when I asked my maid, she denied and told me she’s never gone to the store room at night. A couple of nights since I’ve made sure that the store room’s door is shut tight before I go to sleep but I still find it half opened the next day! It gave me the creeps thinking that “someone” is either trying to get out of the store room or going in. Yeah, that’s great logic isn’t it? Anything that can’t be explained must be caused by paranormal activity!

It never occured to me to ask Mr Hubby until last night.
“Do you know that the store room’s door opens by itself? I’ve made sure it’s closed but every morning I found it open!”
Mr Hubby smiled sheepishly.
“I opened it. I want air to circulate in the store room so it won’t stink.”


Well, now I know that if there’s any ghost in the house, it would be Mr Hubby!


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