last day at Gymboree music

Today is Aisyah’s last stint at Gymboree Music baby play centre, located at Bangsar Village, KL. I’ve enrolled her into a weekly class since she’s 6 months old (that was the minimum age of baby play programme available) and been following the communicative and music classes every Sunday. Aisyah is already at level 3 for 15 month-babies and above and been coping just fine. Through the class I could see how she interacts with her peers and explore activities in a controlled environment. Aisyah appears alert and active, and she seems to follow instruction well. I guess with guided instruction kids will pick up fast, although I won’t claim that baby plays would make any child better than the other. It all falls back to nurture, right? However, if there are classes within reach and you wish to develop their potential, baby play classes is worthy of consideration. There are plenty of baby play centres available in Kuala Lumpur and I have yet to explore but one. Gymboree Bangsar Village is nearby my house so it was convenient but I’m curious to see how other centres are like too. Hence I quit from Gymboree. The instructors were lovely to Aisyah and persuaded me to continue the programme but my mind alerted me to try other centres too. I did mention that if I’m not happy with other baby play centres I’ll come back to Gymboree. So let’s see, shall we? I made a couple of calls to MusikGarten, Play N Learn, etc etc and will review how other centres are in future posts.

Any experience with those baby centres? Do share with me in comment box ya?
Meanwhile, enjoy this videoclip which my daughter help recorded while I was playing with Aisyah. 🙂


4 thoughts on “last day at Gymboree music

  1. hi there,

    I am in the same shoes as yours. Feel that I am tired with Gymboree. Went to KidsSports in Bangsar Village but the classes there are full and we gotta be on waiting list.

    • Hi Su thanks for ur comment. It’s getting crazy how popular these baby plays are isn’t it? Yeah, the way those baby play centres are pushing in their packages down our throats and having us que into a so-called waiting list do sound fishy to me. I mean, I don’t want to be herded thinking I join the BEST baby play centre in the world and get stuck into that mind frame, you know what I mean? So that’s why I’d rather explore. Thanks for sharing about kidsport. Did they ask for an upfront when you are told to be in waiting-list?

  2. Hi, thanks for your sharing. I’ve been looking around for baby activity centre too but my baby is just 7months. Is it too early for her?? I heard of TumbleTots and planning to go to the centre too.

    • Hi Shiroi, most baby centre I’ve checked would accept 6months minimum so your 7 month baby wont have a problem. However, do go for trial classes to see whether your baby can adjust. Good luck dear. 🙂

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