my own bread rolls

I really hate the food they served at the canteen at work. If not for the fact that I need some kind of sustenance to climb the four stairs of flight everyday for like, a million times (that’s why we teachers banyak yang kurus kurus! he he) I wouldn’t even bother to go to the canteen. There’s a growing number of us who brings our own food from home, and potluck is becoming a common trend in my office. Anyway, I get by with lunch at the canteen so long as I fulfill my carb and protein requirement in any form. But it gets worst between 9-12 am, or 3-5pm because there’s really nothing to eat. Times like that I wish for some bread rolls cicah with milo panas. Oooh… sounds lovely, kan?

I finally made my own bread rolls last night. Why the stress on the word finally you wonder? Because impression goes that any self-respecting woman who owns an oven should make their own bread on frequent basis, right? (o, really??) Well, this is my first time, ladies and gentleman. Therefore I am very proud to introduce to you:
Qahina’s bread rolls (drums…)

yum yum!

I got the recipe from this website The Wooden Spoon
I altered it a bit during the process because the flour measurement wasn’t enough – I end up using 5-6 cups of flour. Then I add more salt, about 1 more teaspoon into the flour mix. This is how I made them.

whoops! I forgot to add the fresh milk and salt into picture. Take note ya. 🙂


Heat the oven first at 190 C for 15 mins then you can start baking. Make sure you let it rise for another 30 mins after you’ve punched the dough and roll into little buns. Pop it into the oven at 190 C for 20-25 mins. Mine exceed the time sikit, that’s why it looked a bit burnt because lil’ Aisyah dok sibuk je nak tolong… he he

miss kepohchi.. he he

by this time the smell of bread is all over the house. Sedapp....

selesai! My own homemade buns!

I also found this videoclip and thought I add this into my post just for fun, although it wasn’t his recipe I followed. I just find it so hillarious – the Chef’s accent is so thick you can hardly make out what he says but as a language teacher, our ears have been professionally trained to understand the un-intelligibles.. LOL
Watch and enjoy! I did. 🙂


2 thoughts on “my own bread rolls

  1. Hi Aniq, thanks for dropping by. Love reading your blog especially this entry. Lil Aisyah herself looks good enough to eat ;-). Good job with the rolls, might give it a try soon. Take care!

  2. Hey Susan, nice of you to come by! he he.. yeah do try the rolls though it’s bit taxing on time.. But of coz you can always do something else in between. Take care dear!

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