baby proof my house

Now that little Aisyah is fast on her feet and been exploring the house at her whims, every corner seems like a potential hazard, especially the sharp edges of tables, chairs, etc. It’s impossible to child-proof the whole house but at least we need to secure the sharp edges of our tables where she likes to linger. I bought some plastic cushion corners the other day at Butik OVO at The Curve and only manage to proceed with child-proofing my living room tonight. (I was going to bake some bread but after taking note of total prep and bake time = 3 hours! I decided to do some other simpler task! he he)

masa tangkap gambar dah rip open daa... but you get the idea!

This is how our coffee table and dining table turned out:

I got other areas secured as well with baby gates, electric point caps, etc etc.. Not that they make me any less worried that Aisyah won’t get into trouble but at least when I’m away at work I could settle in peace that I try to provide a safer environment for baby. Well, then again, trouble doesn’t choose its victim. Tawakal saja lah kan? 🙂


Any comment on this?

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