a fab weekend with baby and MISS FABULOUS!

I was at The Curve today mainly with an objective to bring little Aisyah out. I did mention mainly, right?
Well, it turned out Mr Hubby got some shoes, I got some tops (which I was badly in need now that I’ve outgrown my preggy-look!), Aisyah got a nice dress and Fatin got a new haircut. There were discounts everywhere it was hard to resist! LOL
However, back to jalan jalan with my little one today. Look at who is goofing around a the kopitiam.

cheh, tengok mata budak cheeky ni! 🙂

Mr Hubby was growing worried when he saw Aisyah took off scrambling around the shops. Seronok betul budak ni dapat kaki! We immediately bought a safety harness, well, for future safety measures. When Aisyah was strapped and leashed to me I find a number of me people gave me weird looks. I guess they think it’s mean of me to be walking my baby as if I’m walking a pet but, wait till you have to control an impossible toddler in a crowded place then you’ll know!

Well it wasn’t for long of course. When we got to the podium where there are CNY decor of electric cherry trees, I gave free reign for her to run amok.

It was almost therapy when I bought stuff for myself! Now I know what my mom meant when she kept saying before that all her salary was spent on us. It’s a fact that when you’ve become a mother there is a major switch of financial priority. Gone were the days when I could just plop on a chair in some salon for a manicure and pedicure, etc.. Well, for those moms who can afford that on monthly basis – CONGRATULATIONS. But I honestly believe now, that life is not just that … well until…

My best friend MISS FABULOUS came over for dinner at my place and gave me this book.

A very cool book! It sure beats all that misperception that being mom is all sacrifice for kids and other people! haven’t read it yet to give a review but WILL FINISH it by next week. *wink
I’m sure after taking tips from the book I will be TOO SEXY for any car! ha ha ha

Thanks thanks thanks my dear MISS FAB (that’s my nickname for my BF.)
Apparently Miss Fab just got back from the MPH book fair and she also got Aisyah this book:

Aisyah enjoyed it so much she couldn’t let go of it the whole evening!

marah kalau orang ambik buku baru dia.

I also persuaded MISS FAB to watch The Black Swan with me, the movie that Natalie Portman got best actress for in the recent Golden Globe’s Award. The movie to begin with, wasn’t really my cup of tea (I hate mind games) but after watching it I understood why she won. She was brilliant in her role as a ballerina who suffered from a split-personality mental disease. Natalie is so aneroxic-looking in this movie it was scary to see her ribs poking through her sheer costume! Eat a cupcake woman! he he

The movie ended at 3 am, well in between lots of gossips, chats and major heartpour between the two of us. I haven’t been able to see MISS FAB much since she begin studying for her PHd last December so it was a super meet up. She slept over at my place since it was too late to go back and next morning we had breakfast at the best chapati restaurant in KL! Baby tag along sekali lah..

I hope MISS FAB genious-ity rubs on Aisyah!

MR Hubby is also very cool about letting me unwind with my BF the whole time. (Thanks honey!) Well, he bought himself lots of fish for his pond to occupy his weekend so I could have lots of time off to yak with my friend. 🙂

So that’s it for this weekend. I know the week ahead is going to be crazy but having been fulfilled with my best friend’s company and a great time with little Aisyah – I know I can face anything.


2 thoughts on “a fab weekend with baby and MISS FABULOUS!

    • yes yes..thanks for providing the push factor to read! I must admit I’m getting very lazy to keep up with books these days and it does annoy me because I used to be an avid reader. I’ll update a review of the book and share some feel-good tips with you ya. 🙂

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