dinner at the Nahar’s

I had a dinner party at my friend’s Rozi last night which literally ended beyond midnight – 2am to be precise! All because we were celebrating the homecoming of our friend Sulaiman who returned from the US to introduce his new wife Tracy to us. Mr Hubby and I pick up Sulaiman and Tracy from their place and on the way to Rozi’s house, Tracy and I sat together and we connected over my love for Stephen King’s books and travels. It was amazing that we could connect over the fact that she was raised in Maine and that was where my favourite author based most of his stories at. I always thought that people from Maine would be real creepy because Stephen King had a way of describing things that leaves spooky impression of Maine. When Tracy turned out to be real witty and charming, whatever misconception I had over Maine-people just dissapeared! 🙂

The thing I like about newlyweds is that they made you recall your own memories of being happily in love. And when you combined all the old-weds and newly-weds together we just crack each other up with stories and advices. Well, yours truly just listen mostly because I’m no expert in marriage life having been at it for only 5 years – but it was interesting to learn many tips. One that striked me is; being wife, you must always ignore husband’s shortcomings. If he’s crazy about cars or TV, or any type of sports for that matter, leave him be. Anything else is preferable than him keeping an affair. You can always vent out with your girlfriends right? And quit snapping at him. Life is too short to strive on grudges. I took a mental nod of everything’s been said and that left me blosomming like a newly-wed myself! ha ha ha

me in black among the ladies. All are considered newly weds okay? he he

Another thing that got me thinking was what Tracy claimed when she met Sulaiman; “I would never have thought in the world that I met a guy like my husband, and here I am, travelling across the continent, meeting new people and experiencing life.”
That really lightened me up. I honestly believe that love just open boundaries, and change you for the better. You just need to wait for the right person. He/she may not come while you were in your prime 20s and 30s even, but when he/she does, the world makes a lot of sense why you waited that long. Agreed?


2 thoughts on “dinner at the Nahar’s

    • he he.. yeah some are Datin and some are not. But everyone appeared like happily married ladies so that’s most important! LOL Thanks escape – you’re so sweet. he he

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