Monday woes and perks

So much happened today it’s hard to relate. The only reason work still delights me is when I go teach in class. My students can be anything but ordinary and that’s how I cope with being a teacher. I will always find something to amuse me day in day out. That part of my job is priceless and for that I’d probably remain in this field. 🙂

Maybe I just happen to like children. And when I got mine, the world becomes complete.

my daughters!

After work, I dropped by at Plaza Damas and jalan jalan a bit while waiting for Fatin to finish her belly dance class. Saw some Lego Duplo building blocks and thought it would be nice for baby Aisyah… just a spur-of-a-moment purchase. I haven’t got her any toys apart from books and with the way she’s becoming so inquisitive these days it’s hard to keep her seated for long. Lego seems to work!

The moment she opened the box and start taking out the blocks she was so fixated with the colours she played and played for almost 2 hours until I grew tired! I showed her all sorts of shapes of stuff we can make with those building blocks and she had fun tearing them apart. It was hard to convince her play time is out – now time to sleep. Aisyah sleeps at 9.30pm and honestly, that’s the best I can do. I’ve tried to put her to bed earlier but she still runs around in the dark! LOL The only time I get to rest is 10 pm onwards, and that’s when yours truly will blog, or read… that is, when I still have enough energy had it not been sapped completely by work and baby.

Ah well, just another day. 🙂


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