my little herb patch

When we moved into our home last July, one of my first request is the little patch of land at the back of our house to be mine. The idea of having a herb garden sounds luxurious especially while cooking and the last thing on your mind was to buy some curry leaves earlier, right? So yeah, I’m slowly developing my herb patch. (that’s what I call it because it’s small but sufficient and right next to the kitchen!) :).

Aisyah posing at my herb garden

To date, I’ve only got about 4 plants. My mint plant didn’t turn out well and died after two weeks so I’ll try find a substitute for that. The ones survived after a couple of months are:

pandan leaves

curry leaves - a STAPLE in my house!

shallots and lemongrass (serai)

It’s been raining quite heavily these past few weeks so I don’t need to water my plants but every Sunday I do a bit of clean up at the backyard and clear the weeds from the pots. Well, mostly to show to Mr Hubby his little sacrifice of that plot is worth it! ha ha If not he planned to turn it into an aviary had I not pushed for my herbal-agenda!

sweeping with my favourite assistant. Dia pun nak menyapu jugak! he he

I must admit the habit of gardening is not a first-love for me. It took some time for the plants to grow well but instant gratification comes when I could just go to my backyard and snip any of those leaves to be used in my cooking! It’s worth all the effort of watching the first shoots to come out from those pots. I planned to add more variety like bird’s eye chillies, turmeric leaves, lime etc…plus I need to decorate the patch to make it more vibrant! Well, you know I’ll be posting more of my herb patch progress from time to time. Meanwhile, feast your eyes on my little munchkin from her garden adventure today.

drooling-Aisyah and her flowers!

Of all the photos today, this I find the sweetest. 🙂

father and baby watching fish

I wish you a great Sunday and a nice week ahead. Cheers!


2 thoughts on “my little herb patch

  1. Congratulations on the move to the new house! The little that I could see from the pics, the house looks really beautiful.

    Aisyah and her dribbling saliva…hehehe… Habis basah the neck of her baju tu. She is indeed pretty in pink!

    • Thanks Madam Tai Tai – it is a dream to be able to move after almost 2 years struggle with contractors etc… and thanks for the compliments! Oh yeah, there’s plenty of space for Aisyah to dribble and run around too. 🙂

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