baking at City Bakers

My friend Sya asked me to join her for a Saturday afternoon baking class at City Bakers Kota Damansara and I was thrilled at the idea of making spinach cheese quiche, Boston cheesecake, lemon drop tart and butterscotch blackcurrant bread! Sounds yummy, right? My daughter got excited about the food we’re going to see and we spend 3 hours there today learning how to make those goodies. 🙂

My instructor, Chef Nermala, has apparently been featured in MHI (a morning talk show at TV3) and been giving out baking classes all over the country. She’s funny and approachable which added a very casual feel to the class. All 12 of us had fun learning from her. We were given a print of the recipes to refer to but what I need to learn most is the technique in between and Chef Nermala gave lots of useful tips.

two grinning bobcats! that's me and Sya (in green)

and of course, not forgetting my girl!

Well, one disadvantage of going to a professional baking class is that the chef is using all industrial tools as compared to our simple ovens and laddle at home! I really wish I could hire someone to teach me how to use my oven properly and show me a couple of awesome recipes to do using all my own tools so I won’t be stuck with just a dead copy of a recipe or having to surf the foodchannel! ha ha… fat chance of that. Guess I would have to dilligently suffer numerous trial and error until I get the perfect crust to my pastry!

making butterscotch blackcurrant bread

kicchhh... that's how u should pronounce it madame!

My favourite dessert is the lemon drop tart. There’s a lot of preparation involved though – which is a little turn off! LOL But I do believe that baking is an art and there’s no better joy than feeding your family with your own baked goods. Well, that said, looks like more baking classes to go to then huh? *grin*

thanks to Sya for lending me her Tupperware. Boleh bawak balik bekal. 🙂


2 thoughts on “baking at City Bakers

    • eh Ms Escape, my house is always open for you whenever you come down to KL. So don’t malu to ding dong my bell ya. By the way, I takde concept open house… siapa nak datang bagitahu la I’ll make my apple crumble ready hehehehhe

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