a hairy issue

It’s been a while since I had anything done to my hair. I was quite tied up with lots, plus I have a good hair dryer and curling thongs at home which makes it super easy to doll up without having to go to for a professional blow dry. But a trip to the hair salon is always a treat. I haven’t had my hair cut for ages and it has gone a bit unruly. This afternoon I went for a hair trim and scalp treatment. Had a good 3 inches off from my locks – and that took a load off my head! (Didn’t take any photos though but you’ll catch a glimpse of it in future posts). It wasn’t a drastic transformation because I intend to keep my hair shoulder-length although I was bothered by falling hair before. It’s been a year and any post-natal hormones should have gone stable, right? LOL
The thing is I’m facing what every woman in their 30s suffer- strands of hair-fall here and there; on the pillows, at the bathroom, etc. My stylist told me that a monthly scalp treatment should help so I’ve been quite faithful to the regime. I’ve used top of the range hair care such as Nioxin and Redken before, but after a while those products are quite expensive to maintain. Takkan setiap kali nak beli shampoo sampai beratus ratus ringgit kan? So I’ve switched to Himalaya Herbals which does a decent job in keeping my locks secure in its place! he he

protein shampoo for those greasy scalp

my twice a week hair mask treatment

I’m going to have to contradict myself on previous statement though.. I haven’t found a better conditioner than this. It’s a tad expensive but conditioner do last for ages, so that’s my incentive to keep loyal! hee

this is very good to moist the ends without making it heavy

And last but not least, I applied this every night before sleep.

Redken's Scalp Advance leave in hair tonic

I’ve tried other hair tonics before but I cannot stand the smell. This one is okay. When I was single rajin jugak la nak apply on my hair yogurt mask la, coconut oil la etc… but bila dah share sebantal dengan Mr Hubby ni malulah bau kelapa atas kepala right? LOL

How about you and hair care? Share anything that helps with hair fall ya 🙂


Any comment on this?

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