emotional management

A phrase that’s been ringing in my mind today is *emotional management*. Although the issue wasn’t mine in particular, it moved me to elaborate. To be fair, how do a person manage his/her emotions well? We are all aware that one’s sensitivity is completely subjective to what he or she prioritize. Our behaviour and reactions are all make up of upbringing and experiences in life and to this is where the problem lies; what do we really prioritize? Is it just our periuk nasi (ricepot) or the people around us? To the selfish majority, it must be very dandy to walk over and brush aside people’s emotions. To sleep comfortably at night while the ones hurt wrestled with impressions others have of them. If it’s not too much, is it not emotions well-managed when we care about what people really think?

Empathy then must be a rare and developed quality in a person. It’s easy to be *save-your-ass* type. But to be *I-care-about-what-I-do* kind of person is something else. To be honest, I wish I could’ve reach that height. Had I been this type, I know I would have gone far because I would have really cared about the impressions I give.

To the person who knows what I mean by this, my respect goes to you. I do believe God will reward you in kind. Maybe not at work, but later. 🙂 This song is for you.


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