Noticed a few changes in my blog? Yeah, it’s quite obvious right? It’s the new theme and header. I grew tired of the previous header and decided to change – thought a cartoonish theme would add some fun in the layout. Last week I spent 2 hours drawing how I wanted it to look like:

sorry ya, baby tak pandai draw! LOL

I saw there were some clip arts of a figure with many hands. Then it struck me; hey, I’m a person dancing with sooo many roles – woman, wife, mother, family accountant, chef, event-organiser, etc.. and the list goes on. That image was stuck in my mind and I started drawing. I couldn’t draw Aisyah’s figure in complete – but I managed a hand bag (Chanel, you!), an I-Pad and a cooking pot! LOL
well, since I enjoyed cooking. And to add to that, a lipstick ready to be worn – which reflects my love for all things make up and beauty!

Took it to my brother and he helps completed all the missing parts, vectorized the image and colour. Voila! A new header! Now my blog is all pimped up.

All that for the new year. Well, it’s a great boost to my blogging venture. Hope you like it. 🙂


2 thoughts on “pimp-my-blog!

  1. Woww!!! The changes are fantabulous. How do you do it? Give me some easy tutorial lah…I’m still ‘pening’ with customizing my blog with all these IT stuffs..Hey, i think that clip does potray us womenfolk. hihi…When i saw it i straightaway got the idea already. True representation!!

  2. Betty, thanks for taking sometime away from ur super busy life to read my blog! LOL
    Anyway, Im not that tech savvy either but wordpress does have cool templates to explore. Im sure blogger.com also have a lot of skins and themes out there. If you have Adobe Photoshop it would allow easier image editing but you need to know how to use it (which I dont either!) Just keep on fiddling with new templates and widgets. Or else ask hubby to help! he he

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