Single phobia

I just read this article and it striked something worthy of a post here. 🙂
Single phobia (Click to read)

Years ago (when I was single) whenever someone approached me with the kind of questions “bila nak kahwin?” I would just glare at him/her and slap on an instant mask.
“Belum ada rezeki, kalau ada orang nak, dapatlah kad.”
Followed by a he he he (sengih kerang busuk).

It’s too bad that the society has an impression that matrimony is the be-all-and-end-all of existence.
Although it would be nice to have a partner, I have plenty of friends then and now, who are enjoying their singlehood and won’t trade their freedom for anything. My respect goes to anyone who wishes to keep their lives that way. Whenever I bring up the subject with them, it’s not to demote their preferred status quo. I would rather be with them than listen to incessant whines of someone with a miserable love-life. If you are happy, you are going to bring light to all those around you. If you are not, there’s no point marrying someone and make the worst out of that person, right?

At every turn of life, people will constantly pester you with “bila nak this, and bila nak that?” I hate the idea of building an institution for convenience-sake. I’m a sucker for love. You may think it’s easy for me to form an opinion just because I’m attached. I didn’t get myself attached without a series of heartbreaks. But I took my risk and have no regrets. My take on relationship is simple, *just be patient. And whatever you want will fall into place.* So to all the single ladies out there, the choice is yours, but you’ve got to be happy first before you take the plunge. Or else, just wait and see. Meanwhile, enjoy your Korean drama series, compile a library of chick-lits’ and shop to your hearts’ content!


3 thoughts on “Single phobia

  1. Agree with you…and when you are married, “bila nak dapat baby?” When you have a child, “Bila nak tambah anak lagi?” and it goes on and on and on…as if we know the answer and actually they know that we dont have the answer pun tapi masih nak tanya…hmmm what exactly did they have on their mind when asking those questions, kan? Musykil lak…

    hahaha komen tak berkaitan lak

    • Hi Kak Jo,
      well ur comment always berkait! he he
      That’s true. I guess it’s just a way our community strike little conversation kot? Instead of asking “dah makan” they will ask, dah tu? or dah ni? There will always be a well-meaning *makcik* out there! hmmmm….Its annoying but best to just comply politely. Its not the end of the world if life doesnt turn out the way THEY like right? LOL

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