first day of school

I took a chill pill this morning as I drive to work. Just like the kids, we teachers also suffer from possible ‘mental breakdown’ from the thought of facing the new semester. There are only two forms at my work because we are boarding school, and right now only the Form Five occupies or rather, terrorized the school compound. My mission was to arrive punctual, but 30 mins drive plus plus and I thumbed in 7 minutes late. Yeah, I live in Middle-Earth and my school is like where the Hobbits are hiding from the Dark Lord. Screw it! I just failed resolution number one on 3rd day of the year. *sigh*

The day started quite okay. I have 2 new classes to attend to. There were quite a number of unknown faces as I’m taking over those classes from other teachers. Already some kids looked restless in the first few hours. I bet they’re thinking of their TV and fridge at home. A few did appear interested because they don’t know what to expect from me. I hate to begin with ice-breaking session, wishing I could just saunter into the class and shout the infamous Arnold Schwarzenagger’s line “I’M BACK!” while looking like a terminator. The thing is, the instant I try to appear fierce I’ll break out laughing. Well, I got by and after 80 minutes I managed to get the response I want. 🙂

Back at the staff room it was a different story. My colleagues were having a ball! None of us could stop yakking, I guess this is what happens when you had 7 weeks break and all you got to talk to are the walls and your infants! It was like chicken-soup-to-the-soul! he he.. if there’s anything to look forward to at work, it’ll be my panel and their gossip-heads.
Tomorrow is another clock-work. I just hope I arrive in time. 🙂


4 thoughts on “first day of school

  1. MTT: Save the panadol for later! Chill pill didnt really work – I honestly hate coming late to work but what to do? Blame it on all the potholes, construction sites and KL’s traffic! he he (chanting to mind; will improve, will improve!)
    Thanks MTT. Im soooooooooooo looking forward to the Chinese New Year break pulak. Tak puas puas nak holiday!

  2. hey, drive safe lah.
    by the way, do you have rancangan tahunan for form 5 in soft copy???? too lazy to do it myself. wanna curi.

    • Ms escape,
      I just got back from work – now 6.40pm already! Baru saja teman my KP buat – berpeluh-peluh dia buat tau! Balik sampai pukul 6! LOL I dont think it would be nice to curi her hard work but I can scan my hard copy version and pass it to you. Gimme your email add ok. 🙂

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